2013 Reading List

One of my new year’s resolutions is to read at least 20 leisure books this year. Inspired by a friend who told me she was going to read 100 books this year, I told myself I’d like to read 50, but I thought 20 would be more realistic. To keep myself accountable to this goal, I’m making it a part of my blog. (Nothing beats some transparency to kick in the action!) Why read? Well, have a read!

I do not have any specific books on my list, but here are two lists of books I have been recommended in the past. Feel free to leave a comment with some books you suggest.

I. Top 30 Books Every Influencer Should Read (Salt+Light Blog)
II. Times (coming soon)
III. 1000 Novels Everyone Must Read (Guardian)
IV. 33 Blog Posts to Read Before 2013 (HBR)
V. Top Ten Books Every Leader Should Read (Business Insider)

2013 Reading List

  1. The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch
  2. Story House – Timothy Taylor (reading)
  3. The Reason for God – Timothy Keller (reading)
  4. Hamlet’s BlackBerry – William Power (reading)
  5. To be updated soon…

2012 Reading List

  1. Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte
  2. Heart Matters – Adrienne Clarkson
  3. The Space Between Us – Thrity Umrigar
  4. (I can’t remember…)

One thought on “2013 Reading List

  1. Try out: His Dark Materials (trilogy), the Mad Addam trilogy, the Shadow of the Wind, the gardens of Kyoto, Radio Shangri-La, Moonwalking with Einstein! Lots more where these came from, best of luck Tammy! 😀

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