Personal Projects & Blogs

“The people I have met, stories I have heard, and places I have seen, have sculpted who I am today.”

Her Gratitude Journal |
@herGratitude (2012 – present)

Journey2Life| Personal Sharing of Ideas, Videos, Articles…
(2010 – present)

Storify (Event Tweets) | Storify – Tammy 

Random research on various topics can be found on this blog or Tumblr


#tywAmazingRace: Check out my Travel section!

Summary: coming soon…

2012 #tywAmazingRace Part IV | India Volunteer Trip

Summary: Post graduation, I decided to volunteer in India. Not only was it meant to be a personal challenge for myself, but also the opportunity for me to contribute at a tangible level before I began working. I also wanted to experience the daily life living in one of the world’s fastest growing developing countries. This blog is meant to share and document my journey from Canada -> India, and you will find stories all the way from trip preparations to experiences, cultural insights, trekking journal entries, and ideas gained as I travelled across various regions in India volunteering on 3 different projects. It is my personal wish to make this website a meaningful project that will encourage, educate, and inspire my readers/future travellers, as well as teach them about the daily life and challenges in India.

2011 Official Co-op Blogger | Alberta School of Business: RIM 8-month work term

Summary: Spending 8-months in Waterloo working on the BlackBerry Platform Operations & Analysis team, I surrounded myself with the world’s top geeks and nerds! This blog shares my insights as a student getting a taste of the corporate world & tech industry. Side trips include: Toronto, Niagara Falls, New York City, New Jersey, London, Ottawa. Activities include: TEDxWaterloo, TEDxUWO, Golden Key International CanCon, Toronto Island, Luminato, Danforth Greek Festival, Winterlicious/Summerlicious, Millennium Network events.

2009 Volunteer Trip | Malaysia & Singapore & A Working Girl in Hong Kong (link coming soon)

2008 Summer Trip | Hong Kong, South Korea & Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto

Summary: Embracing the “HK mentality and lifestyle,” I was running my life at a speed 3x faster than in Canada. This was my first summer as an “adult HK citizen.” Hanging out with AIESECers from the Youth, Environmental, Sustainability Future Leader’s Conference at CUHK, I lead groups of high school graduates for 4 days and familiarized myself in a new country. Before returning to Canada for a month-long journey in Montreal, I also retreated to South Korea for my 3rd annual mother-daughter trip, where I basked in 100-day old chicken ginseng soup, relaxing spas, and indulged in history…


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