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Nutrition Labeling – The Debate

This entry is taken from a post on my Tumblr blog this morning. Earlier this week in my Sustainable & Responsible Marketing course, we discussed the issue of food labeling and watched a documentary on the CBC’s Marketplace about the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Healthy Check labels. I was astounded to hear that companies PAY … Continue reading

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Living Life To Its Fullest: 6-day WOW Update

My sincere apologies for an overdue post (probably just apologizing to myself – or my amazing anonymous blog readers/friends), but I don’t think daily posts will do. I have, however, been active with my Twitter account, but managing 2 blogs, FB, Twitter, fanpages, and an ever-growing email account, school life, work life, extracurriculars is just…well, … Continue reading

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Dear Friends: a “tyw Special Memories Project”

|| Project link: || As a follow up to my 21st birthday goals (photos included – see album description), I wanted to keep a collection of “Special Memories” from the people around me. The moments we shared in getting to know each other has definitely set the foundation for our friendship and whether the last … Continue reading