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[Opinion] What Does Valentine’s Day Really Mean – Part 1

If you enjoyed my post on Halloween, you’ll like this one! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post: Love. It’s time for another story. Welcome to the #tywlife. [Note: This post is part of a 2-part series. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow.] Two nights ago, I took out a set of Valentine’s Day cards I … Continue reading

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Halloween: Does Make-Up Really Make You Look Better?

Waking up to the cheerful spirits of Halloween this morning, I was reminded of a childhood story involving “make-up.” It’s a bit humourous, so stay with me on this! The big question is: Does make-up really make one look better? Better than natural beauty? Nowadays, ads go through photoshop, reality is not what you perceive, … Continue reading

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Shopping On A Whim Leads To Marketing Vulnerability

It’s amazing how sometimes one can just walk into a mall without a “plan of action,” and leave, bags-full. Until this year, I rarely succumbed to the marketing tactics of retailers, but the more I learn about what’s actually happening behind-the-scenes (i.e. marketing mix; consumer behavior, product management and pricing, marketing communications, etc.), the more I … Continue reading