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[Healthy Living – Part I] All About Food – Eating, Cooking, Groceries, Organics

Last updated: Jan 30, 2013 at 13:20 EST If you love eating, here are a few resources to turn to to learn more about what’s going into your bodies. Eating is an art and it has also become a money-guzzling industry run by multi-national corporations where the key goal is profits. People, as individuals, are … Continue reading

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Are Marketers to Blame for Over-Consumption? (An Essay on Marketing vs. Consumerism)

Two months ago, I wrote a post entitled: The Story of Stuff – What Kind of Consumer Have You Become. I must be psychic, because it perfectly foreshadowed an essay I would later write in one of my classes. Yesterday, as I watched a compelling video on embedding principles of the web within management models … Continue reading

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Halloween: Does Make-Up Really Make You Look Better?

Waking up to the cheerful spirits of Halloween this morning, I was reminded of a childhood story involving “make-up.” It’s a bit humourous, so stay with me on this! The big question is: Does make-up really make one look better? Better than natural beauty? Nowadays, ads go through photoshop, reality is not what you perceive, … Continue reading