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[Learning Notes] Jordan Belfort – Wolf of Wall Street (Video Interview on Lessons Learned)

Taken from this interview with Jordan Belfort – Wolf of Wall Street Below are my notes taken while watching the video above. Some notes are direct dictations from the speakers, so please take them as quotations. Others, are personal notes for myself. I hope you will take these ideas and lessons learned, and apply them … Continue reading

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This post has been taken from Tumblr. What is gratitude? Is it being thankful for the little things? Is it saying thank you? How often should one express their gratitude? What can one do to make the lives of others better? Does gratitude require more and more effort? Is it an exchange? If I’ve learned … Continue reading

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[Conference Notes] Levo League Office Hours with Sheryl Sandberg

Levo League Office Hours with Sheryl Sandberg As I watched this video today (a recording from the livestream event from yesterday), I noticed that Sheryl Sandberg’s message is simple. It’s really a few key ideas that she applies to several aspects of her life. She knows it really well and is consistent about it across … Continue reading

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21 Life Tips to Live By (Because it’s really not the end of the world…yet!)

Life Tips There is no such thing as multi-tasking, just effective task-switching. The right time for change is now. Replace TV with reading. If you want a relationship, have a two-way relationship. It’s the only kind. Identify who is a part of your support network. (Also, from Robin Sharma, I learned to “say goodbye to … Continue reading