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Embarking on One’s Career: The Job Hunt, Applications Process, and Interview

While it’s still fresh in my mind, I thought I’d write up a quick post on my applications process and include some tips I found useful. If you’re job hunting, stay hopeful and don’t just settle. I’m sure you that deep down, you know what you want. Stay confident and do not give up! *Note: … Continue reading


2013年 1月 11日: 星期五

這是我第一期用中文寫 blog 。有一點 surprise 嗎? 叫你一個秘密, 我現在只會用繁體字。啊… 怎麼辦呢?我一定會好好學! 今天以後,我會努力讀好我的中文。明年的時候,無論跟誰講話都會講得很好。這是一定的! 你問怎麼辦? – read newspapers, magazines – sing karaoke, watch dramas (with subtitles) – daily conversations with friends, speak at home – listen to music in Mandarin, listen to the radio – write in this blog? Having all my Twitter/Facebook posts bilingual? – Read Chinese site The goal is:  … Continue reading

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#tywlife Montréal Itinerary – “A Woman on a Mission…”

It’s been 3 years since I’ve returned to Montreal. The last time I was there, I spent almost 2 months in central Canada and began what I’d call “the independent life.” For the first time, I made my own meals, traveled the city on my own, made some of my closest friends, and literally, explored! … Continue reading

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Dear Friends: a “tyw Special Memories Project”

|| Project link: || As a follow up to my 21st birthday goals (photos included – see album description), I wanted to keep a collection of “Special Memories” from the people around me. The moments we shared in getting to know each other has definitely set the foundation for our friendship and whether the last … Continue reading