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[Healthy Living – Part I] All About Food – Eating, Cooking, Groceries, Organics

Last updated: Jan 30, 2013 at 13:20 EST If you love eating, here are a few resources to turn to to learn more about what’s going into your bodies. Eating is an art and it has also become a money-guzzling industry run by multi-national corporations where the key goal is profits. People, as individuals, are … Continue reading

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From Mountain Climbing in India to Eating Swiss Cheese Fondue!

Dear readers, It’s been a long while since I wrote on this blog. To my loyal followers, thank you for always being interested in my eventful and adventurous journeys. If you followed my most recent project, you will know that I was recently volunteering and travelling around India. At present, I am in Switzerland. Zurich, … Continue reading

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Nutrition Labeling – The Debate

This entry is taken from a post on my Tumblr blog this morning. Earlier this week in my Sustainable & Responsible Marketing course, we discussed the issue of food labeling and watched a documentary on the CBC’s Marketplace about the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Healthy Check labels. I was astounded to hear that companies PAY … Continue reading