Toronto Lifestyle…tyw Lifestyle (#tywlife)

Rather than blogging on the CESA blog, I decided to paste this personal letter on my personal blog. Today is my mother's birthday. She is currently in Hong Kong, so it's technically her birthday already! I drafted an email from my BlackBerry while I was on the TTC today. 850 words later, here it is! I …

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Basking in the City on “A Typical Sunday,” Perhaps?

At some point this summer, I asked myself whether or not it would be a good idea to even start a "public blog." I questioned the issue of "privacy" and of sharing my ideas and thoughts so openly with "the world," but here it is, so I might as well embrace the fact that my …

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Symphony Under the Sky

Every fall, the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra puts on an extravagant outdoor performance at Hawrelak Park, where a music-loving audience is able to enjoy a repertoire of classical pieces in a different setting; basking in nature's wonders, whilst taking breaths of fresh air, away from the boxed concert halls! Unfortunately, I have yet to have the opportunity to …

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