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Losing Yourself In A World Full of Constant Communication

In the last 2 weeks, I heard three different people say to me: “You remembered that? Wow, most people don’t remember such small details about my life. I’m impressed!” My immediate reaction was to say: “Oh, why not?” It seemed almost absurd to me that someone would forget such interesting details about another person’s life. … Continue reading

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Montréal Trip Reflection: One of the Happiest and Fulfilling Weeks (Living A Meaningful Life)

Photos will be posted shortly. (See album here – updated on Nov 30, 2011) After a long trip, I usually like to take some time to reflect on my journey and to think about the things that I have learned, people I have met, and new experiences I have encountered. This particular Montreal trip was incredibly … Continue reading

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Nutrition Labeling – The Debate

This entry is taken from a post on my Tumblr blog this morning. Earlier this week in my Sustainable & Responsible Marketing course, we discussed the issue of food labeling and watched a documentary on the CBC’s Marketplace about the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Healthy Check labels. I was astounded to hear that companies PAY … Continue reading

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Living Life To Its Fullest: 6-day WOW Update

My sincere apologies for an overdue post (probably just apologizing to myself – or my amazing anonymous blog readers/friends), but I don’t think daily posts will do. I have, however, been active with my Twitter account, but managing 2 blogs, FB, Twitter, fanpages, and an ever-growing email account, school life, work life, extracurriculars is just…well, … Continue reading

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Where There’s A Will (And a Plan), There’s A Way (TEDxTO follow up)

“After all, an idea without any action behind it merely stays as an idea.” Three days ago, I found myself a little stressed out. Perhaps it is: the last week of my work term, people leaving the city (reunions), pre-semester meetings, and the plethora of personal planning, etc. I suppose everyone is indulging in the last weeks … Continue reading