*New* Updates

Jan 4, 2013

Hello there readers!

Whether you’re a regular follower or a first time visitor, thank you for being interested in my page, my writing, and simply stopping by! I began this blog in the summer of 2010 and for 2013, I started the year with 80 posts behind me. (Mostly written during travels and during my undergrad. It kept me sane, if anything, and helped me dive deep into my thoughts.) For 2013, I decided it was time to make some changes to my blog and I have outlined them below.

  • New Theme! | You will now see small summaries of posts on the homepage, rather than full blog posts.
  • Pages Renamed | There are 4 main pages: 1) homepage/archive, 2) About Me, 3) About this blog, 4) My projects & travel blogs
  • New Pages | 1) 2013 Reading List, 2) My Videos
  • New Widgets | @HerGratitude twitter feed and posts
  • New Blog Post Categories | 1) TED Talk Notes, 2) Conference Notes

The reason I have made these particular changes is that I wanted this webpage to be a place where I can track my personal projects and goals, moving forward. Housing all my online presence on this main site will help me better organize my different projects. I encourage you to browse around, as I use this page to share a lot of things I’ve learned.

You’ll find my notes from videos I’ve watched online, a sharing of my experiences during my travels or in my daily life, some insights on how I view the world and my relationships, and sometimes a deep dive into particular topics. I’m a lady who loves to stay busy. Being involved in my community, setting goals, meeting new people, and having conversations with old friends are particular hobbies of mine. Don’t be surprised if you see a recipe here or there, because I also love to bake and cook!

In 2013, I will aim to have my posts under 500 words.

In 2013, I will blog about everything and anything. Long or short.

In 2013, I will read more.

In 2013, I will live up to my mission to put God first in my life.

In 2013, I will not be afraid of the outcome of my decisions.

In 2013, I will take risks to reach my goals.

That’s all for now, friends.

– tyw.


2 thoughts on “*New* Updates

    1. Tyw

      Hi Sean,

      Great hearing from you. I hope it was informative and it helped you plan your trip a little better. There’s a lot to do, see, and eat in Hong Kong. Surprising, given how small it is compared to other cities around the world. Enjoy your time there!


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