About this blog

As a part of my 2010 Summer “tech” goals, one of them is to set up a public blog. An open space to share my opinions on various aspects of my life, mainly pertaining to some of my most cherished hobbies:

  • diving into life and fostering conversations,
  • proactive engagement in the community,
  • cooking and the culinary arts,
  • reflection and sharing,
  • daily life in new cities and travel preparations,
  • life’s lessons and reminders of gratitude and humility,
  • basking in restaurants of all types,
  • high & low culture,
  • travelling and learning new cultures,
  • going on a limb and seeking adventures,
  • all things technology, social media, digital, trendy,
  • everything and anything! Old things, new things!

I hope you will enjoy my blog and the insights that come with it. Feel free to share this blog with your friends or subscribe to my posts via email. Leave a comment and share your ideas too, if you’d like!



5 thoughts on “About this blog

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