Another Milestone in the #tywlife: The Opportunity to Volunteer Abroad

Half a year has gone by, if not longer, since I last wrote a reflective post on my blog. I’ve had this for 7 years and this has been a big part of who I am. Funny. I wonder if I should start a new blog – I’d call it: “Years of a Woman’s Life”

I’m only kind of kidding.

Let’s see if I’ve lost my voice (read: tone).

Today is a momentous day for me and I wanted to start another new blog to begin documenting my journey as I prepare to head to overseas. For safety reasons, I feel like maybe this is a bad idea, but part of me also says – what the heck! Now where do I find that fine balance…

I could be like Netflix and do a one time release of everything? Draft all my posts, then share them all at once? Not a bad idea… considering I won’t be gone for too long.

(I should stop getting sidetracked.) The BIG NEWS!

My application to volunteer overseas has been approved. It was MUCH faster that I think it usually is for others, but I also know I had a lot of support for my application, which I am both very grateful for and appreciative of.

If you were to ask me about the process, I’d say this:

  1. I planned for this even before I joined my company.
  2. It was always on my To Do list while working in corporate.
  3. Last year, during my family vacation, I decided what my goals this 2017 year were going to be and I’ve been focused on them ever since. (I had a bit of a coming-of-age trip Dec 2016 and each day, I am forced to be more mature and recognize the stage of life I’m already in/entering.)
  4. Armed with my confidence and the love and support of life’s sponsors, I made them aware about my plan and goals.
  5.  I executed on the necessary next steps that would get me here and prayed that if this was meant to be part of His plans for me, then for the doors to open.

So what’s next?

I continue to trust in Him supremely.
I recall preparations before my 2012 trip to India (half a decade ago).
I focus on my interview (this week!)
I plan out my schedule and coordinate my dates well.
I stay healthy and get ORGANIZED!
I create a new blog and plan what I have to pack.

2017 ——>>>>> I’m COMING FOR YA!!!!!!



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