2011 Thanksgiving: One Day A Year We’re Consciously Appreciative?

July 2016: 5 years after this post was drafted, I have decided to post it. Since I have started working, I have had little time pursuing my passions – one, which is writing. With a sick day, albeit while coughing up a lung, I decided to read my past writing. My youthful personality and confident voice feels familiar, yet the subtle intonations remind me of how much I’ve changed. I love how much energy and curiosity I had.  I hope this hasn’t been lost.

I entitle this post with a question, because I wonder: are we truly so busy during our daily lives that we forget to appreciate the life around us? This is untrue. Then, why dedicate a day for this?

My curiosity led me to do some research, so I read up on the origins of Thanksgiving Day, and learned about the different reasons it is a national holiday in both Canada and the United States. (Have a read.) They both stem from some kind of significant event that took place over the year, be it the safe return of a failed voyage or a new harvest. It leads me to the understanding that this is a day of celebration. A day to rejoice in everything we have and to celebrate with those we love and have been a significant part of our journey.

As much as daily and weekly reflection are important, I thought I’d dedicate some time this evening to reflect upon the past year to think about what I AM THANKFUL FOR and to ponder about the journey I had been on. Here are a few things:


This year, I have had the time of my life. First, was the opportunity to move to Ontario. With that, I was given a new challenge: to live in a city where I had never been to before, had absolutely no friends, and would work in an environment that was almost completely virtual. I made decisions to work outside my comfort level and lived with an ambitious mindset. From there, I started a new life, built up my networks, and found activities to engage in. This leads me to my next opportunity: to engage in my community.

Research In Motion has an amazing community of Co-op students. I took on a leadership position and joined the Social Committee, bringing together students from across Canada to partake in events that would result in lifelong friendships. I had a developed renewed sense of community through such engagements and really enjoyed myself. I volunteered with other colleagues at RIM’s We Day Waterloo-Kitchener event and even had the opportunity to apply twice for a community grant. I became friends with colleagues and met them through various avenues – Twitter, over email, internal networks, office presentations, office lunches organized by friends of friends, etc. I also started a Girl’s Group for some co-ops. We spent a lot of time together, learning about each other’s different cultures and interests. We cooked up a storm and simply shared new ideas with each other. It was amazing!

I am a strong believer of creating opportunities for yourself. I am also someone who has learned to have faith in God and to trust that He has a plan for us. As far as hard work, passion, confidence, and great networks can take you (I say this from a business student’s perspective), there is an inevitable element of “uncertainty,” no matter how minute or significant it may be, that is at the back of minds. (A potential employer wants someone who is confident – right, but you need to remember not to let your confidence turn into pride and arrogance.) Having faith in both God and oneself, enables one to continually be fueled with positivity. This is not to say you’re settling with a rejected job offer (for example), but it is keeping an open and confident mindset.

tyw: This year has been the time of my life! In the workplace, I had opportunities to gain more responsibility in unexpected areas. My team was like a group of friends who supported each other with a common goal. . In my personal life, I saw… (unfinished)



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