10 Consulting Tips For Ramping Up In A New Role

I have been training someone this past week and while putting together some information for this individual, I sent along some tips to help them transition. Below are some of the tips I shared — thought I would post them for others too.

These tips are mainly for someone joining the Program Management Office in a PM role. If I had to summarize my role on the project very generically, I’d use these three words: roadmap, processes, and connector. Wish I could share more — ok, one more word: Go-Live. My role has been to build and maintain the program’s overall project schedule. (And boy have I learned SO MUCH in this role.)

Readers, good luck to you as well!

The key to do well in this role is to:

1) Know context of the program and teams,

2) Having a good relationship with the team (also being mindful of the people involved and knowing how they may react),

3) Working quickly and accurately (noting all details and including them),

4) Being analytical and asking questions,

5) Thinking ahead (and also bringing up issues/risks early on – being able to call things out),

6) Bringing your own ideas to the table. (e.g. more efficient process changes, etc.),

7) Time management,

8) Organization – tracking multiple conversations and following up in a timely and polite manner to drive yours/the program’s agenda forward,

9) Know the (program) plan inside out and be able to speak to it,

10) Ability to bring people together and facilitate a conversation

Bonus: When doing an activity, do it right the first time. Do it swiftly, but accurately. Quality first. (Sometimes it’s better good, than perfect and with all the bells and whistles!)

The faster you can understand the moving pieces and ramp up on all aspects, the easier the role will be 🙂


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