It’s Another #tywlife Year! (Intro – A Flashback Memory & Reminder)

Two weeks later… I’m finally getting around to typing my birthday reflection. (Testament to how busy I’ve been.)

It’s funny I say that… because growing up, I’ve always been reminded to “stop and smell the roses.” Sometimes I wonder if I have been. Truthfully, I have to say I have. I thank my partner for that. He’s much more introverted than I am (even though I like to claim I am an introvert too) and often influences me to enjoy some of the more simpler things…which, I actually, REALLY enjoy. (He doesn’t like rolling around in the grass, but I totally like just lying there with the sun shining on my face.)

In any case, the next quarter of my life has started — full blown. Some mentors of mine have told me that they are “still growing up” and while I used to find that hard to believe, part of me is a little fearful that I, too, am actually still growing up. When you’re younger and you meet those more experienced than you, it always seems like they’ve got it all together. Don’t they?! Every time I meet someone and learn about their lives, I think: By the time I’m their age, I’ll have it together. But then, that age comes and I’m thinking: WHAT?! Is something missing? Why isn’t it like it seemed? Maybe it’s just me…

For anyone in their mid-twenties reading this right now — Yes, it’s completely NORMAL.

Some mentors I’ve talk to are in their 50’s and still figuring it out. They’ve changed their career paths several times. Other leaders I know were actually still in school at my age (for their masters degree). Some friends of mine changed careers at this age. People tell me I’m actually in a really good place in my career right now… But I really don’t think I’m being too hard on myself. Perhaps it is a generational/traditional thing. Many of our parents grew up during a time when it was safe to stay where they were most of their life.

Regardless, one thing I know is that my family is very supportive of whatever I choose to do. As long as I do my best and remember to balance and keep smiling.


1) Have faith — He gives you what you’d ask for if you knew what He knows. (Why can’t I know what He knows? hehe…) Question back to myself: He’s got a plan for me… why am I losing faith? Duh — trust in Him. OK. There’s totally a purpose for my existence here. Totally. WORD.

2) Gain exposure (to anything and everything.) Learn what you get excited and pasionate about. Reminder that, in life, we’re always moving forward. I have no idea where life will take me next, but I have to continue being proactive and take ownership of my learning, and to be able to recognize all opportunities around me.

3) Be patient. My mother always tells me this. Be patient, work hard, and don’t be lazy. Also, to put my health first. (Yea, I better sleep more, work out more, and stress less.) Life’s too short.

4) Change my perspective. Arming myself with the aforementioned thoughts in my working memory, knowing that what’s coming up next is exactly part of His plan, and doing well in what I’m owning now to prepare myself. Just stop worrying. It’s not blind faith…because if it was, I wouldn’t actually be reflecting on this and would simply say, “Ok, He’s got a plan. Now I’ll just sit here and twiddle my thumbs.”

I’m going to keep this short for now. Going to start that goal and sleep more. More reflecting later. It’s been nice to write again. I always miss it.



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