[TED Talk Notes] Tony Robbins – Why We Do What We Do #Motivation #Psychology

After watching this video, a few of my quotes came to mind that I have seemingly forgotten given the busyness of life  in recent times:
1) Every day when you wake up, you decide whether you want to be happy/joyful that day or not. (Don’t let anyone else decide that for you. Reflect on where your emotions are rooted.) Power of your emotion strength and importance of your emotional health. (FYI. If you are emotionally unhealthy, it can also affect your diet, so be careful.)
2) “…the future depends on what you do in the present.”  – Gandhi. (i.e. the importance of our present decisions and the opportunities we allow/enable ourselves to be exposed to and create for ourselves) YET… “… you cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking back.” – Steve Jobs (i.e. Only reflection on experience of past decisions made, opportunities exposed to and accepted previously, etc. can help you understand the reason(s)/path and decisions made that have led you to your current position.)
3) “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Gandhi (Power of your emotional strength)
TED Talk video notes:
  • Why do you do what you do? what is your motive for action? What drives you?
  • Your internal drive is the reason for why you do what you do. Emotion is the force of life.
  • we don’t work in our self interest all the time, especially when motivation is part of it (?)
  • VIS: Understand the “invisible force” that motivates us
  • What makes a difference in the quality of people’s lives?
  • What is shaping that person is the belief to contribtue and do something beyond themselves?
  • Different aspects:
    • art of science – you know something, you push boundaries, you make it happen
    • art of fulfillment – appreciation and contribution. you can only feel so much by yourself
  • We live in a therapy culture – mindset that we are our past. (of course, if you live there…) BUT remind yourself that  “Decision is the ultimate power”
  • When you ask someone – why you didn’t achieve something?
    • didn’t have the: time, money, technology, experience, management (A claim to you missing resources…but these are not the defining factor). The defining factor is resourcefulness
    • if you have human emotion, then you could really do something- when you have the right emotion, you CAN get through to anything. If you
    • If you’re creative, determined, passion, curiosity enough, you will find a way!
  • The story people tell us… are the resources they lacked, but is it really? Robbins, believe, that ultimately, it is the lack of resourcefulness and your emotional strength/fitness
  • 1) Focus = feeling = meaning (give your focus a feeling, which then gives it a meaning)
  • 2) Emotion = action (what you’re going to do)
    • how many decisions have you made in the past that has changed your life?
  • Emotional fitness and Psychological strength — this is what makes a difference
  • What shapes you – 2 invisible forces:
    • 1) State (it the moment)
    • 2) Your Motto of the world (long-term)
      • what is your desire?
      • what is your need?
      • what is the target you’re driving for
      • what’s your map? (your belief system that heps you get to those needs
    • 6 Needs:
    • Needs of the Personality
      • 1) Certainty (that you can get something)
        • Total Certainty – is boring…therefore, we also need…
      • 2) Variety and surprises
        • BUT… when you have surprises you don’t want, you call them problems…!
      • 3) Significance (we all need to feel importance)
      • 4) Connection and love (people settled for connection, because love is scary. people dont’ want ot get hurt. But we need love – through intimacy, love,
    • Needs of the Spirit
      • 5) We must Grow (i.e. in your relationships, business, etc. – we need this because we want to give something value)
      • 6) To Contribute (they get excited to contribute once they get to experience it and not just hear about it)
    • do you value certainty or uncertainty
    • are you driven by significance or love?
    • Map – how are you going to get to your needs? (through spirituality, through actions, etc….)
    • Emotion
      • there are 6000 emotions
      • The quality of your life = the quality of your emotions
    • Your view of Time
    • “People start to live, when they face death”
    • Explore the emotions that are controlling you
      • appreciate what is driving you

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