How to Love (a Friend) – A Reflection #Relationships #Love

This past week, I learned a key lesson about myself and about what it means to love someone. It’s not just romantically, but loving someone (even a friend) requires much more effort than I ever thought about.

To those who are my true, genuine friends, thank you.
Thank you for being by my side and for holding my hand and lending me a shoulder when I’ve needed you.
Thank you for not giving up on me nor our friendship, even though I always have excuses for “being busy” or turning you away.
Sorry for the times I’ve shut you out or closed the door on you.
Sorry for being selfish, but thank you for the many times you have forgiven me in your loving ways and accepted me even in my sinful nature.
Thank you for still being my friend and I sincerely apologize for the (many) times I may have hurt you or neglected your feelings.
Please know that I will be more active, this day forward, at becoming a better friend.
Because I want to and I value you.
Part of me wants to reach out to you right now and apologize, but I’m still a little scared, for I know I have been wrong.
I ask for the courage to reach out to you.
Nevertheless, I thank you, in advance, for your patience, and for the time it takes me to grow.
I promise to be more aware of how I give love and how you best receive love,
And to learn to appreciate you for the way you give love…
Even though it may not be how I receive love.

Thanks for reading my essay and for hearing me out.

Your friend,
Tammy Y T Wong


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