[Reflection] Another Month, Another Transition (5th Transition) in the #tywlife

Dear friends,

Today not only marks the first day of March but the first day of a new beginning for me yet again. Not only do I transition off my previous project and prepare for the next, but I have also dedicated myself to changes in the next few months to re-build my lifestyle in the city.

Last month, I already started working remotely and was not travelling, but was still working in a different time zone. This week, I begin working back in the present. Fully (to the best of my knowledge.) During this time, I have been able to engage in local activities, see local teammates, take full use of my kitchen, and gain a renewed appreciation for what my city has to offer. Being closer to loved ones feels different too. Ah… long gone (for now?) are the days of rushed weekends of errands, chores, catching up on rest, and meal preparations for the week, plus hyper early Mondays. It’s quite nice.

5 months ago (4.5 months, if you exclude the Christmas break), I made the 3rd transition of my consulting career. I began a lifestyle so deeply admired by many early business students: travelling weekly, living in the world of consulting, and having the prestige of what “House of Lies” would make viewers believe are the lavish lifestyles of consultants. I’ll admit that I do have status with hotel chains and airlines, and that I’ve eaten at several upscale restaurants and sat in multiple lounges with a glass of wine and a book in hand, but I have also experienced, first-hand, the trade-offs of what comes with that lifestyle.

The roller coaster ride (of life) is very much in motion – if there’s a lesson I’ve learned during my little experience thus far, it’s that the ride keeps going. You’re either at an emotional low or high, or a career low or high. More importantly, is the fact that the emotional highs and lows are completely your own choice. How you behave and make decisions in either state is also your own choice.

For the first time in weeks, I closed my eyes and prayed this morning. His grace and His love has slowly been coming back to me and although I feel like I neglected God these past few months, I know that He was always there for me – through the experiences I had, the people I met, and the support network of loved ones He placed by my side. I was not intending this to be a religious post and it won’t be. Nevertheless, I wanted to close one chapter this evening and start a fresh tomorrow. I thank the friends who have opened their phone lines to me this past weekend and for finally getting better after a week of illness. Two other points of gratitude are for a special delivery (of ginger & lemons) made earlier last week and the re-connections with colleagues and friends made.

March is the start of Spring and I am more than excited to begin this month with a skip in my step.


Memorable Experiences from the past few months into 2015:

  • Baking an amazing avocado banana bread with dark chocolate chips for Home Church
  • Watched “The Imitation Game” and some TV shows I enjoy
  • Visiting a friend’s home in Calgary & reuniting with girlfriends
  • Amazing Christmas with friends and family – the best meals with the closest of long-time friends
  • Completing my first book of 2015
  • Highs and lows of 2 projects
  • Hosting a Millennium potluck, bartending class, bubble soccer
  • Meeting Upkar at CMC event on the Social Economy
  • Winterlicious meals – Oro, Splendido, Ruth’s Chris
  • Date nights and weekends
  • Long weekend fun: Opera, ROM, sketching, cooking, chocolate, and frothy milk
  • Rediscovering my inner creativity and artistic bone (Thanks, S, for the push)
  • Going to Burlington for the first time (CNY!)
  • Signing up for new activities and to volunteer!
  • Booked my vacation with the WongFamJam
  • Re-designed my room & created a personal kanban board

Activities coming up (to look forward to):

  1. Team event (organization in progress)
  2. Color Me Rad 5k with friends + training
  3. Juicer (being shipped in the mail)
  4. Pottery classes, Paint Nite, Shaw Festival
  5. A monthly transit pass – A link to the city!
  6. Meet the parents!
  7. A new book for March
  8. Vacation with the fam!!
  9. Summer wedding (no, not mine), friends visiting the city
  10. Warmer temperatures

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