[Reflection] Starting Off 2015 Right – It All Begins With Your Routine!

Today is a calm Saturday morning. As I look out my floor to ceiling windows, my view is of the lake; a lake with a thin layer of fog over top and warm stream of sunlight lasering through the window straight into my retina. With some ambient music playing in the background, I find myself encouraged to do some writing.

There’s something very calming about just sitting here, breathing, listening, being with myself, and just gathering my thoughts.

Truth be told, if you met me in person, you would think I was the most outgoing and most extroverted person you’ve ever known. OK, maybe not “most”, but my energy has been compared to the Energizer Bunny. It’s a long running nickname I get from people all over. Well, this week, the gentleman I ran into at the airport (previously met at the hotel lounge) said I had a “charming” personality and that I was hard to forget. Now that was different!

10 days have gone by in 2015 and as I reflected over the holidays on where God was taking me last year, I learned that there were times I was forced to stand still. 2014 went by in a blur and although a lot of activities happened, there is a lot of necessary growth and maturity that I am still building. The kicker is that it will all take time. Time and experience. (And a whole lot of patience from my part.) The key of this year, is going to be creating quality experiences.

My first week back at work has been amazing. My New Year started off with an amazing time with my Tewari family, and I was surrounded by the love, conversation, and stories from my loved ones. I read through a 200-page deck to prep for my new role and got to meet with the client this week. It was liberating! There’s something about engaging with lots of people that I really enjoy. Nevertheless, my evenings were filled with solo work out sessions, tons of reading, and a dinner date (with my buddy and his coach, of course!) I found my routine to be rejuvenating and I was focused for my work activities each day. What will be important to maintain as the project gets busier next week, is: my attitude, my routine, my sleep, and simply the hard work to maintain the level of focus and preparedness for my activities.

My routine was simple: No cell phone use in the morning until after my shower, wake up early, have breakfast, take away as many distractions as possible during the work day, explain concepts to myself and ask others questions where I was stuck, focus on my checklists for the day (prep before leaving office) and set a goal to complete # of activities for the day, check them off (for social butterflies: say “no” to people if you have to), and head straight to the gym. Eat a decent healthy breakfast, a fantastic lunch, and a small/tiny dinner. My energy levels rose. I capped my social media time (still aim to timebox it better) and unplugged before going to bed. I also prayed for friends in my prayer list and wrote in my gratitude journal. I watched the clock and set aside reading time (30min minimum). As of Jan 8, I was on page 211 of my latest book! (Small wins — my reading goal is in progress and I must keep it up!)

Simplicity makes all the complexity manageable; thus, our lives more livable and the calamity extinguished.

Closing: All that said, I know that God has these amazing plans for me this year and although I can only plan the big picture, I have every inch of confidence knowing that He’s in ultimate control. Phew! As it’s been said, “You can plan your direction, but God plans your steps.” (If you’d like to hear one of my testimonies, just reach out!)

All the best, as you begin your 2015!


1) Set and review your goals regularly.
2) Keep yourself accountable and do not accept your inner “no” for an answer.
3) Track your progress.
4) Have the right attitude! (This is key. Tip: The moment you sense yourself feeling negative, STOP that thought and focus on the task at hand and that task only.)
5) Work hard, play hard. (After all that hard work, make sure you reward yourself with some good ol’ fun times and get out there!)


One thought on “[Reflection] Starting Off 2015 Right – It All Begins With Your Routine!

  1. Tyw

    One comment – My time on the plane was structured as follows:

    1) Get comfy in my seat & chat with my colleagues (My friend just so happened to sit next to me this week! It was so pleasant seeing her friendly smile waving me down at the gates!)
    2) Read for 1.5 hours
    3) Put my To Do lists together & plans for the next day/immediately that evening after I landed
    4) Do some work or more reading. (If you can work during the week and not mind the extra hours then, you can probably get lots of great reading time on the plane!)

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