[TED Talk Notes] Carol Dweck: The power of believing that you can improve

– “not yet” – gives you a path into a learning curve; a path into the future
– Test: how did children cope with challenge (e.g. gave children problems slightly harder for them.)
– Kids understood that their minds could develop; others had a fixed mindset that judged themselves for not being able to achieve something
– Studies of what people do after failure — some say cheat vs. study, look for others less smart — some studies say people are running from the error
Fixed mind-set vs. growth mindset (engaging deeply with the error/learn from it/correct it)
– Are you present focused (achieving now) or future focused?
– Do you need constant validation into your future lives?
– How to build the bridge to “yet”
praise the process (focus, perseverance, hardwork) -> creates hardy and resilient kids
– A game was designed to reward process – focus, effort, strategies, engagement over time, perseverance through hard problems
– Words like “yet” give kids greater confidence and creates a path for them for growth
– Teach kids the Growth Mindset
– Equality case: inner city/aboriginal children who have been doing poorly. But educators can create classroom with the growth mindset and this can change children
– Meaning of effort and difficult were transformed — from being difficult and dumb >> changing perception of their effort placed towards addressing the difficulty and the positive outcomes it has
-Summary: Let’s not waste anymore of our life. Know that our abilities are capable of such growth. Live a life that’s filled with “yet”


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