[tywlife] A Reflection Post 6AM Run!

As I sit here with my almond milk, coconut Greek yogurt, banana-infused, and strawberry smoothie mixed with a dose of chia seeds, I feel pleasantly gratified. Sitting calmly as I put my heart to rest… slowly coming to a calm and placid speed.

This morning, I unexpectedly woke up at 4:30AM after an early night’s rest and felt compelled to go for a run. My body had been screaming for it, especially after I panicked at the thought of not being able to easily do 30 push-ups. It’s a sad thing, I know…

I am currently living in Toronto, as some of you might know, and as I paced up Yonge street, I felt awe-inspired (correct me if I used that word incorrectly!) by the city I now call home. Looking around me, I noticed rows and rows of eclectic restaurants, like blocks sitting side-by-side, but on top of each other. Passing by a multitude of shops, people, birds, and the regular cyclist, I ventured through different streets and alleys, neighbourhoods, and parks. It felt so good just taking in the fresh air and smelling the grass after an evening of rain. (I’m pretty sure I didn’t notice it during the night.)

As I looked upwards towards the sky, I saw skyscrapers, the CN tower, and new condo buildings being erected. Part of me just wanted to lie there, right on the dark green grass, but the mini germ-o-phob  in me, pushed me away. I remember being younger, at camp (MacShad) and going for 7am mandatory runs in the morning and lying on the soccer field with a friend… we chatted our lives away.

The morning brings great memories. Fond memories. In fact, I feel this time of day is especially sacred to an individual and to share it with another person is a great feeling. Sometimes we just partake in it ourselves and connect with the tiny voice inside of us; perhaps our conscience. Who knows? But for the first time, I went for a run without my digital musical device and actually got to hear the sounds of the roaring trucks, the wheels of bikes spinning, and the odd bird, homeless person asking for change, and well, the wind.

It really was quite picturesque this morning. I think I was partially painting my surroundings as I ran and walked and ran again, but the best part of all… is that it was all a reality!

Sometimes we hear people describe Toronto as the financial centre of Canada or the centre of the Earth (those who live here are said to say that), but that’s because during the day time, life seems to move at a bustling speed. The economy is being pushed, the government is being pointed at, people are on a craving for financial success and that next big ticket item to purchase. I’ve learned that it’s all really perspective and how we approach the time we are given. And that is limited. So for all the times I missed smelling the flowers back in university and high school, here it goes! I’m living NOW.

I close with one of my favorite quotes from Emerson: “It is not length of life, but depth of life.”

Ps. I apologize for not writing for a very long time. It’s my fault. I’m very happy I did today, however! I hope you enjoyed my sharing.


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