[Learning Notes] Jordan Belfort – Wolf of Wall Street (Video Interview on Lessons Learned)

Taken from this interview with Jordan Belfort – Wolf of Wall Street

Below are my notes taken while watching the video above. Some notes are direct dictations from the speakers, so please take them as quotations. Others, are personal notes for myself. I hope you will take these ideas and lessons learned, and apply them to your own life in a positive way. Enjoy!

There are 4 things you need to do to be wildly successful at any time, not a trillion things!

E.g. money, spirituality, community, love

1) Create a VISION (not just having goals). See things as they are (not worse than they are – these are excuses/blaming that stops one from moving forward) and better than they are. Ability to create a clear and compelling vision for the future.

-Internalize this vision. Taste it, touch it, feel it. How is it going to impact the people that I love?
– It’s easy to make money. It’s harder to attain fulfillment.
– E.g. Gandhi, Mandela, Bill Gates, Richard Branson.
– By setting really high goals, even if I fall short I’d still be doing great.
– when you make money, you’ll have more time for your family
– goal

2) MANAGE your state. (Emotional and physiological) Allows you to manage yourself really well.

– Manage the way you feel at any moment
– E.g. Patience for parents, certainty for business people (how you act during fear.)
– 3 states you need to master:

1) certainty – about what you’re doing
2) clarity – not to be overwhelmed
3) courage – what you do in light of fear

– wealthy people act in the state of fear, not run away from it
– it’s about progression, not perfection

3) BELIEFS act like governors of your life. Shed the beliefs that disempower you: replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs.

– Be told you are worthy of greatness and that you can be successful. Tell this to yourself, be empowered, and run with it!
– “No matter what happens to you in your past, you are not your past. You are the resources and capabilities you glean from it.”
– E.g. You learn more from failure than successes. BUT reverse the angle. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

– Vision (something you truly believe in.) Look at your beliefs as resources. Use your capabilities as a strategy. Use your strategy as a force for good. Take action instead of thinking of taking action.
– Getting rich is quick, but it takes a lot of time to get yourself in line.
– Maintaining integrity and ethics

4) Yours Strategies & Standards (the glue).
– what you live for and what you will not settle for less than
– not settling for average
– standards = your “musts” in life
– What you need to be comfortable in this world vs what yo need to do

Previous Values:
– money
– power
– sex

Current Values:
– giving
– family
– freedom

Other Notes:
– Most destructive belief: Greed is good. (NO, you lose your soul when you become greedy)
– Ambition and passion
– When you have something inside you that you are really passionate about, remember to tell yourself:
.it’s easy
.it’s works
.you can do it

– Money – there’s only so much you can use in your lifetime
– We’re in a decade of empowerment.
– The money is a problem that needs to be solved, but make it about something you love. Not something that is a chore.

Yacht Story:
– drug phases: tingle, slur, drool, unconscious, movement

NLP – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuro-linguistic_programming

Tyw’s takeaways & Application:
– What are your 4 motivators? The simplest steps that keep you on track and focused?
– What is your definition of fulfillment? What is your vision of happiness and what does that lifestyle you are looking for?
– Know what your trigger mechanisms are. What gets you going and fuels your passion?
– Use your God-given gifts for good. It might be to motivate others, teach others, empower others, etc.
– Don’t be lazy.
– You are what you think you are.
– When given information, it’s all about what you do about that information. Everyone can receive the same information (especially in the age of the internet)
– Know what your values are in life. What your priorities are. (It’s amazing how experience shifts and shapes these over time.)
– Live up to your failures. Apologize.
– “Give and Take” – read some of these books: http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/on-leadership/2013-books-every-leader-should-read/2013/12/16/290d326e-6426-11e3-aa81-e1dab1360323_gallery.html#photo=1


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