The Mystical Version of Your World on a Friday Night

It’s a race against time. Your colleague leaves and you no longer have a streaming line of power for your laptop. Rather than being capped by the “automatic lights” that go off at 7PM, this time you’re in a different building and the lights will stay on – All. Night. Long!!

The only thing now is your laptop’s going to automatically shutdown in 3 hours. (When it says it has 4.5 hours of juice left, you know it’s false. See, that’s experience!) Either you work quickly or you painfully witness your laptop shutdown and everything resets!

The next question is: How much do I do before I allow myself to leave? You know no one has probably messaged you, because you have no Friday plans. (Your Friday plans are to catch up on your never-ending To Do List and “pack,” because that’s what you actually scheduled in your calendar. Silly you!)

The sense of satisfaction you gain by clicking every email and preparing that Monday deliverable fills you with an awkward joy that your friends will tell you only YOU would enjoy — yet you know they still love you for it. Further, you know that you’re working on compartmentalizing your life and this is the time you’ve blocked out for this. Yea, that’s right! (Time to reassess your prioritization? That’s something you’ve just asked yourself.)

Next Friday, you know is going to be an awesome day. How could it not be? You’ve GOT A TICKET TO SEE YO-YO MA LIVE in concert. You’ve waited 4 months for this and your bestest friend of friends bought it for you for your most recent birthday. Instantaneously, that thought puts a smile on your face. In addition to that, the event you’ve planned is happening that same night and “dranks and appies” will likely define your dinner that night — but not to worry, you might still be full from the epic team dinner the evening before!!!

While you never knew what a pinot noir nor cabernet sauvignon was, it slowly became a part of your vocabulary. It’s interesting to see how hobbies change over time, huh? What intrigues you more is learning how to budget. Not just every aspect of your current life, but for those next steps of it. Who’s got that downpat?! Please do tell!

Before you proceed to say more, you don’t want to potentially get in any trouble. So you stop.

Note: This is the life of a potential fictional character. Hope you enjoyed the #SubwayStorySeries #20minStories written (somewhat) creatively for your amusement and mine!


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