[Technology] BlackBerry OS 10.2 Features and Findings

Update: In case you want the exhaustive list, here it is from CrackBerry.

This morning I received a BBM message from a friend. It read, “download 10.2! It’s out!”

You’re awesome, H! My friend is always the one sending me articles on BlackBerry and we have discussions over apps and BB features all the time. It probably sounds weird, but hey… we met at BB after all! (And no, it’s not weird at all. You should see how many times mobile technology is discussed on a daily basis on my project team right now.) Note: features outlined are all from my experience over the past couple of hours of just playing around with it — in between project work and house chores and eating. I wish I could write more, but this is my quick comprehensive list — ENJOY!

Nevertheless, I thought I’d write a post to get my fingers exercising again. It’s been a while — sorry, readers. I know I have a steady bunch of you, but it’s been incredibly busy lately. I hardly have time to go to the gym. I’m on the verge of daily showers — LOL.  I kid… (my mom reads my blog posts.)


  • multiple alarms – this is MY FAV
  • multiple times (can set different countries on a map)
  • timer
  • stopwatch
  • *Finally changed my clock back to 24-hour time. (Not sure if this feature was there before — likely. But I finally switched it back on!)

[User Interface]

  • clean simple icons/frames
  • everything looks cleaner and more beautiful — it makes you just want to type (yes, on your QWERTY KEYBOARD)
  • text messaging app — has a new background and clean conversation bubbles. Coloring is used to differentiate people. Different coloring for text boxes with important details (like numbers)
  • highlighting/copy/cut/paste/share for words/paragraphs is much more intuitive with mini pop-up buttons. (Love that you can “share” stuff you directly highlight
  • emoticons are the same with a couple new ones, but even those look different now!
  • Such a better Settings feature. I can monitor my usage and see how much memory I’ve used, etc.

[Priority Hub]

This reminds me of Gmail’s “priority inbox.”


  • Can see all my past status updates!
  • Connected apps are easily visualized
  • “edit status” feature
  • Scanning qr codes is ridiculously fast – I was scanning my laptop screen and it sent the invite with only 30% of the qr code on my BB screen
  • easy copy+paste and pin access
  • BBM Groups — can use own photo
  • Status updates of BBM invitations!
  • Everyone’s getting it! (People who used to have it tell me they miss having it.)
  • I’m starting to notice the differences between those who have it on BBOS, Android, and iOS. (BBOS users have more functionality — like BBM Voice or BBM Video)
  • I can go on about the different IM/messaging/SMS platforms, but I like the “community” aspect of BBM and I hope it continues to improve.
  • With BBM, I feel like I have the world at my fingertips now — really! (With Whatsapp, contacts are tied to phone numbers. WHen people move, I don’t have time to get their numbers and store it. lol. Essentially, more steps. BBM is tied to BBID. Less hassle.)
  • Love multi-people chat feature being so easy to use now
  • Can’t believe my friend is still waiting for his PIN… My other other buddy and I are waiting for him to get it so we can move our group over. haha


  • No longer makes a sound when you take a snapshot!
  • Screenshots are also silent now (Shocked me on the first try)
  • Gridlines feature 🙂


  • new features… including: WiFi networks, WiFi direct, Miracast


  • Different calendar colors
  • Mobile conference settings
  • Different background color (In general, I love how all the native applications have improved the background color and the coloring/organization of each app.)

[Photo Albums/Music]

Now has more detailed icons — good. (It confused me a bit when I first got the Q10)

Above all, great experience. I’m continually impressed and I know it will continue to do so. Hardware/software wise.

Now… I wish I could cut down on the number of unnecessary apps on my screen. Take BBM for example. I wish I could just launch the app from within the Hub… and I can’t believe Q10 doesn’t have a radio receiver… Nevertheless, a big shout out to those still at BB. I know you’re all rockin’ it and you make me so proud. I’m excited to have a personal “IT” when I need it sometimes too. haha. Really, I appreciate your help so much 🙂 And have you heard — former Apple CEO wants a stake in BB… yea…. hear that?? (In other news, I totally saw Prem Watson in person and was a couple of steps away from him at the NBA game a few weeks ago. Too cool. He sat next to Robert Herjavec from Dragon’s Den and his family. I’m pretty sure it was all them.)

OK, I know some non-BlackBerry users are reading this and saying, those are features we expect most smartphones to already have. I’m just outlining the features I’ve seen just by playing around with my “new” phone — it sure feels like a brand new experience! (Remember with the new iOS came out? It’s like people talked about it for a week.) Trust me, I’ll be talking about this for TWO.

Until next time… ciao!


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