The First Month in a New City — A Facebook Summary

Lately I’ve claimed to write Facebook posts that could qualify to be blog posts. To save myself some time, I’m going to post a couple of them to highlight some key events that have taken place thus far. A second blog post should come soon… feels like a time for reflection soon! Maybe on My First Weekend in the Woods Experience!

And a new chapter begins!
Uncle and I going for our evening stroll after dinner. Usually this consists of us talking about his past or present and me learning a lot! Today I was enlighten with his stories about living under Mao’s rule in China and how he came to Canada. He started out with $0!

By the way, Unionville is a super cool place to chill on a Friday evening. Great breeze and great company! Looking forward to tomorrow’s walk.

Dim sum is only $2.90 before 11am! It’s super tasty and really affordable. Chillin’ with aunty and uncle.
My aunty and “mommy” for the past 1.5 weeks! Thank you for everything: welcoming me into your home, sharing your life wisdom with me, teaching me how to manage relationships, preparing my meals and showing me how the house chores are done, and simply for your kind generosity. I am definitely coming back for home-cooked meals and evening strolls with uncle!

I tried to treat them to dim sum this morning, but it’s so hard to fight for the bill! I can’t wait until I start getting pay cheques. They said I’m allowed to treat them after I make some money  

‪#‎rolemodels‬ ‪#‎friendship‬ ‪#‎family‬ ‪#‎tywlife‬

This 2013 Canada Day morning, I woke up in my “own” bed in a place I now call home in Toronto!

A huge shout out to an amazing friend who drove 1.5hrs to help me move my life, put together my IKEA furniture, and stayed until almost midnight! Feeling extremely blessed for how smoothly and quickly this process went. Thank you to my “sister from another mister,” her brother, and my new “emo” for making this all possible. Words cannot even express how grateful I am for everything that has happened these past 1.5 weeks 

One more suitcase and one more box to go! Then to get my 1st ever monthly TTC pass and meet up with some of my favorite people in!

First day at the Green Dot! And it was awesome!!

1) Very grateful for the stranger who had offered me a fresh band aid outside the subway stn. (Breaking into new shoes — bad idea! But a super sweet lady nonetheless. It was a conversation starter later in the day in the ladies’ washroom!)

2) Arrived 1st (lol! The ttc delays scared me last week, so I went extra early.) and chat w one of the Talent mgrs. Turns out he lives 5 mins away from me! BTW, the ttc is also a great convo starter in

3) Met the sweetest girl from South Africa at Orientation. (She landed last Friday, but has been with [the company]  for 3+ yrs! She really showed me some of the ropes — very grateful.) We literally clicked the moment we met… so much, that I’ve invited her to join my gfs and I for Summerlicious this weekend!

4) Realized my team added me to their email lists months ago and had 25 emails in my inbox when I opened it. Haha. Even better news is that I’m pretty sure my first project is with the two awesome guys I interviewed with!!!

5) The day ended at 230pm and we got to go home! 

Now to get on with this 30+ item New Hire Check List. Thankfully, I’ve booked a workspace for myself tomorrow already (in a diff building)!

You will NEVER guess who I ran into today —

As I was leaving the platform after getting off the train, our eyes met and an instant feeling of gratification came over me. (Maybe us.) But it was that familiar image, that instant pang of memory, which illicited an exchange of Duchenne smiles between us, and it was as if the world melted away.

The boy (whose name I initially forgot and has to ask) from my first year math class back in Edmonton – the one who used to sit alone, but was very diligent with his work. That one I once initiated a conversation with outside the classroom doors as we waited for the earlier class to let out. It was him.

It was much less dramatic than that, but it was almost like the clip from West Side Story, where Maria and Tony see each other from across the ballroom at the dance. (Minus the romance!) LOL! 

Anyways, WHAT A ‪#‎smallworld‬. We work and live in the same area and we even used to keep in touch via email, until he left to do his master’s degree at UW. So happy we re-connected. Now we can share more life stories — I still remember all the ones he shared with me before about his grandfather who was a Chinese linguistic’s professor in China. ‪#‎tywlife‬ ‪#‎gratitude‬‪#‎friendship‬

Is it a sign to go home when the lights have all turned off and the only source of light you have is your laptop screen and the halogen light on your desk?

I’m having a date with PowerPoint tonight! OK, bye. Shall report my safe arrival home…before… TBD 

Dinner in 5minutes!

And you wonder why I cook so much… hehe. Highlight of the meal is the soup and salad.

Soup: carrots, celery, onions, zucchini, cilantro, firm tofu, and this green veg. Veggies were sautéed before adding to the soup. The cilantro just makes it extra yummy!

Perk of waking up early: the Sunrise!!

A dedication to all the early risers today — all around the world 

This bible verse comes to mind lately: “You will… find me when you seek me with all your heart.” – Jeremiah 29:13

This is how you do a proper Ladies’ Night! “It’s divine!” As my girlfriend here loves to say 

‪#‎MasalaFries‬ ‪#‎mango‬ ‪#‎avocado‬ ‪#‎strawberries‬ ‪#‎SouthAfricanStyle‬‪#‎SaturdayNight‬

Story of my life (so far) —

Walk home looking like a bag lady. Mind you, a semi-stylish bag lady…. if you think my blazer, top, and awesome pants (which I totally got on sale!) stylish. Holding my heels (in one of the bags – a usable, enviro-friendly one, of course) because apparently that is the norm here in Toronto for ladies. Note to self: get a pair of comfy black flip flops. Broke the sole of my left heel yesterday!

Finally met the cleaning lady. One of them. She waited (kind of) patiently for me to scoop some food before she dumped it ALL in the garbage. And you know what that means… there was FOOD at the office today  An awesome perk of being part of a client-facing side of the firm. It was absolutely delicious. All veg and super yummy. I was inspired by the grilled green and white asparagus and the sweet potato salad dish. The lady even asked if I wanted dressing, but I kindly declined. (See, so we did have conversation!)

Earlier in the day… as in almost midnight last night, a super cool colleague sees me online and we have that indescribable sense of camaraderie only two people who are up after the moon comes out can have. (I realized I changed tenses there.) You know you’re like buddies when your internet dies and he emails you to say he lost you, then follows up with sending you a PowerPoint. That’s almost love. (A term I use very loosely here, of course.)

It looks like I’ve made good use of this time on the TTC to draft a summary of my day. At least the parts I deem shareable. LOL. I mean, did you really want me to describe chewing inbetween typing an email and rescheduling a meeting. In any case, what you must know, is that conference rooms with glass walls is totally epicly-tastic and TTC doors will literally slam shut on you if you don’t slip in ASAP. (This happened, as I smiled to my friend on the other side of the door this morning.)

No food photos tonight. Good night 

Ps. In other news, guess who called me at 1030pm over the weekend?? MY AWESOMELY SWEET AUNTY. She called to see how my first 2 weeks were, what I was cooking for myself, and kept saying I was friendly and would have no problem meeting new buddies. LOL. I’m going to visit her for dinner when I have a chance! Ok, hope you enjoyed this blog entry of a post.


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