Travel Research & Miami Travel in 48 Hours or Less!

Today I was doing some research on some travel and came across some pretty neat links! All in a few hours, my short trip is planned. Following my #tywAmazingRace theme, it’s focus will be: living locally (food, transportation), friends (part 1 & 2 of the #tywAmazingRace) and family (part 2) focus, cultural exchange, independent travelling, flexible/adaptable/spontaneously living in the moment, on a budget!

For starters, I came across an article on 8 Trends of Millennial Travellers, and then a neat site that estimates taxi fares across North America: TaxiMe. (I’ll let you know if it’s accurate). There is a big clubbing / bar scene in Miami; however, it will not be featured in this blog post. FYI. Fort Lauderdale is about 1 hour away, if you want to check out another city! *Update: the website is somewhat accurate +/- $5.

This post can definitely be a lot longer, but I’m only outlining what I can realistically accomplish for this particular trip. Hopefully it gives you some insight into yours!

To Do’s:

  • Get USD (Always good to carry cash)
  • Check the weather
  • Check into flight / Flight delays?
  • Pack
  • Travel documentation
  • Contact friends / family
  • Gather other info you will need (contact numbers…)
  • Check for events happening in the city during your stay
  • Transportation — do your research depending your level of comfort/how heavy you’ve packed
  • Highlight Must Do’s and Possible Places to See / Things To Do (*Always remember to be flexible and take your day as it comes. You have the most fun that way, I find. Just be adventurous.) Read below for more.

Tentative Schedule Overview:

  • Airport
  • Taxi to Hotel
  • Check in (3pm)
  • Metromover
  • Miami – points of interest & lunch
    • Brickell / Financial district (Each has its own Metromover stn)
    • Bayside Marketplace (College/Bayside Metromover stn)
    • Freedom Tower (Freedom Town Stn)
    • Arsht Theatre / University
    • Cool stns: Government Center (gov’t buildings)
    • City tour via Metromover
  • Concert! (Adrienne Arsht Theatre)
  • Meet friend
  • Miami Beach – points of interest & dinner
    • New World Center (New World Symphony) – Frank Gehry’s building
    • Lincoln Road
    • Ocean Drive
    • South Beach
  • Cuban / Peruvian / Colombian food
  • Sunset / Sunrise
  • Check out (12pm)

When doing research for travel…

A good place to start is Google. Look up blogs, read Wikipedia, TripAdvisor, the government website for the city, tourist boards, reach out on social networks (post on Facebook or Twitter), check what’s trending on Twitter or certain hashtags, read your hotel website for activities/nearby suggestions, and type keywords into search engines. Click here and there… and you’ll find a ton of stuff! Be sure to check out local events happening (arts/cultural/sports/museums/etc.). I found out that May is the month of museums in Miami!

Also pull up Google Maps to figure out local transportation in the area and how far places are. (Street view is amazing for getting to know the area/places you will be visiting. If you have an international data plan, you can even check in on Four Square and see what kind of neat places are close by. You can even save places in “My Places” using Gmaps.)

Here’s a collection of some links:

  1. Time Magazine “10 Things To Do in Miami” –,31489,1925375,00.html
  2. Trip Advisor for Miami —
  3. *Activity suggestions ranked:
  4. Jetsetter —
  5. Events in Miami —
  6. Shuttle service from Miami International Airport –
    *To a hotel downtown, it should be ~$24 + 1 fuel charge (Tipping: 10-15%)
  7. Free use of the Metromover —
    *Cool video tour of the Brickell loop:

Miami & Area

  • Brickell (Downtown/Financial Area)
  • Bayside Marketplace
  • Miami Riverwalk (1 mile along the Miami River)
  • Freedom Tower
  • Adrienne Arsht Centre – theatre / music performances (has rush tickets 2 hours before showings and is close to a Metromover station)
  • American Airlines Arena — See Miami Heat Schedule —
  • The Versailles (Featured in the Time magazine. A famous Cuban restaurant. Lots of great press!) —
  • Little Havana
  • Note: There’s a free Miami Trolley that can take you around too! 6am – 11pm, I believe are the times of operation.

Miami Beach (aka. South Beach)

  • New World Centre (designed by Frank Gehry) — Tour this building, where the New World Symphony performs —
  • What’s on the Wall — programming at New World Centre —
  • Lincoln Road
  • Ocean Drive
  • Foodie / Walking Tours —
  • Lots of shopping, eateries, quaint shops, beach areas, etc.

Some Tips

  • Local telephone: Rather than making a call from your room, find the nearest pay phone! (Ask the concierge at your hotel)
  • Use public transit where you can (sometimes it’s just easier! See distances between places you want to go. Save it in My Places.) —
  • Metromover has free WiFi (I had limited access for some reason)

That’s a short list. Sorry this post is a tad late. I drafted it and forgot to post it until now! ENJOY 🙂


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