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What is gratitude?

Is it being thankful for the little things? Is it saying thank you? How often should one express their gratitude? What can one do to make the lives of others better? Does gratitude require more and more effort? Is it an exchange?

If I’ve learned anything, gratitude is an emotional expression within oneself. It need not require another person nor must it be spoken to another person… although, sometimes it catches the recipient by surprise and is a delightful sharing.

Gratitude can be for animate objects and also for inanimate objects. It is appreciating the tiniest things in life to the astronomical endeavours one encounters. Sometimes we say, “Hallelujah!” or “thank you,” while other times we write it down in a little notebook at the end of the day. Whatever you do to savour the moment, when you do it, you’ve lived it twice.

So my advice to you, dear virtual friend, is to keep a Gratitude Journal and mark it daily.

– Thanks for reading 🙂

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