March 14, 2013: Happy Pi(e) Day!

During my university undergraduate career, I was very fortunate to celebrate Pi Day on campus. Actually, I think there is only one distinct memory I have of eating pie in the cafeteria of the Central Academic Building with 2 other Shad alum!

Schulz was the awesome “geek” Shad father who brought pie to campus for us. I’d receive his text message during a class asking if I wanted pie, then hop over with my gym shoes in my workout bag and a stomach screaming for chocolate banana…mMmm… Ah… such fond memories. He’d bring his little boy along for the trip, so it was a bonus!

Now that I think of it, we had two official Pi Days with pie and we watched “The Powers of 10” on 10/10/10. Oh Schulz, you’ve brought so much #awesomeness GEEK into my life. (What am I going to do when we’re no longer in the same city?)

Nevertheless, to celebrate this apparent Pi Day, I started a new blog. Details coming soon!

*Sorry, had to cut my last sentence short. I wanted to ensure I posted this with the “March 14” timestamp. haha. In other news, don’t procrastinate on your blog posts 🙂


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