An Awesome 3/13/13 Day! #tywlife

Where do I start? Let’s go with a classic schedule:


  1. Wake up
  2. Breakfast
  3. Go for a 2-hr drive
  4. Return home. Change.


  1. Shop like no tomorrow – get a completely new wardrobe with my personal stylist (my mom!)
    • *qualify for some loyalty card.
    • *5 pairs of pants, 2 blazers, 4 tops.
    • #IamNotAShopaholic
  2. Donairs with mum.
  3. Get a library card!
    • *Free cake to celebrate 100 years of the library. (Totally caught this by surprise!)
  4. Drop off “goods” at home.

[Early Evening]

  1. Hop on the train.
  2. Pick up something on hold at the store. (Turns out it’s on sale!)
    • *Send mum photos of other options while at the store and get instant feedback – great help with decision making
  3. Impromptu Coffee Day with S! (So happy I got to treat YOU to coffee this time!!)
    *Chai with honey is quite tasty!


  1. Pick up – thanks, Dad!
  2. Grocery shopping & get pop’s registered for a membership
  3. Home & shower
  4. DINNER – Chef Wong is at it again!

I suppose that’s all I can write for now. The remainder of the evening will likely include rest. So this is what #FUNemployment is all about… I kid!

Cheers! I hope you had an awesome day too! Happy 3/13/13 🙂



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