#BB10 Launch Event Notes (Jan 30, 2013)

Last updated: Jan 30, 2013 @ 12:30pm EST
*Q&A session notes now included

BB10 Oatmeal Choco Bites

  • Re-watch the #BB10 Launch directly from BlackBerry’s website here.
  • Happening in 6 cities live: NYC, Toronto, London, Paris, Johannesburg, Dubai
  • “Innovation is at the heart of RIM” – T. Heins
  • Key words:
    • balance
    • true multi-tasking as a must have
    • everything in one place
    • personal and professional
    • seamless “flow”
    • cinematic experience
    • integration – relevant information you need comes to you (rather than pulling it yourself and opening more windows)
    • Gesture – BlackBerry Balance (work and personal)
    • Keyboard: simplicity, elegance, confidence
  • Introduction
    • BB10 promise: home, car, healthcare system
    • focus on content and apps
    • user experience known to none before
    • Issue: adopt a new platform
  • RENAMED: RIM becomes BlackBerry – one brand all over the world
  • RENAMED: App World to BlackBerry World
  • keywords: share, consume, create, act
  • 12,000 employees in 36 countries worldwide
  • BlackBerry Z10 and Q10
    • 4.2″ and 3.1″ screen – cinematic experience
    • holding experience – ease and comfort
    • “only one swipe away from the heart of your activities”
  • BlackBerry Q10 (physical keyboard)
    • glass-rear cover
  • BlackBerry Hub
    • managing all social networks and messages
  • BB10
    • true multi-tasking
    • BlackBerry Flow – do everything with one thumb
    • Responding directly within the hub
    • Tweet from directly within the hub
    • Integrated Address Book
  • Best keyboard experience period
    • swipe left to delete
    • swipe down to get numbers and symbols
    • language
    • physical keyboard experience on a screen
      • simplicity, elegance, confidence
    • enhanced predictive!
  • BlackBerry Balance
    • security and privacy
  • BBM
    • BBM Video Call
    • BBM Screen Share – share your camera and your screen
  • BlackBerry Remember
    • “flag email” – goes into BB Remember or even add voice notes
    • Evernote integration
    • All projects and notebooks
  • BB10 Camera
    • timeframe – zoom in on certain part – like face
    • Edit photos – gestures to add effects
    • BlackBerry StoryMaker – select pictures and videos, add song, titles/credits, with transitions/animations/effects
  • #BB10 “Surprise” Summary: “BlackBerry”; Z10, Q10 (physical keyboard is out!); BBM Screen Share; BlackBerry Remember’ BlackBerry StoryMaker; BlackBerry World
  • BlackBerry World
    • 8 major music labels, TV and movie labels
    • Q: How did we target the top applications?
    • 70,000 applications
    • Skype!!!
    • Huge names: Songza, NY Times, Whatsapp, Box, Economist, all recipes, banking apps
    • Healthcare, finance, government
    • Apps, videos, games, movies
  • Availability
    • 110 carriers globally
    • Z10 launch dates: US carriers in March, Canada Feb 5, UAE Feb 10, London Jan 31
    • End of February
  • goal: better and simplify the lives of BB users
  • BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director position: Mrs. Alicia Keys
    • music business has changed dramatically
    • Mobile revolution – laptop becoming extinct?! (Music industry… whoa)
    • Wants to evolve technology into the music space
    • Bringing in other super women, entertainment and music business to inspire New Projects
    • “bridge the gap between the work life and personal life”
    • Keep Moving Projects – a film making project
    • Telling stories
    • Set the world on fire tour – with her BlackBerry
  • Q&A Session Post Launch notes (with Thorsten Heins, Frank Boulbon, and Alicia Keys):
    • BB10 platform coming to PlayBook (according to tweet from Crawford Del Prete, Thorsten said this in a press conference after the event.)
    • US has a later launch date due to longer testing process
    • SuperBowl will kick of BlackBerry’s marketing
    • Open API for video and photo back up
    • Q10 in April timeframe
    • Price Points $149 with 3 year contract – refer to official press release
    • Venezuela will be first in SAmerica to launch BB10
    • Bridging the gap between work phone and play phone
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Enjoy Alicia Key’s Video – Girl on Fire


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