Maturation: A Progression Through Life

Today, I realized that Valentine’s Day is one month away. Does it really take a man one entire month to plan Valentine’s Day? Well that’s just sexist, isn’t it? Me, here, blogging about the time a “man” would need to plan for this “special day.” Ok, I digress.

I bring this topic up, on this January 14 (post was written yesterday), because:

1) Valentine’s Day candy was being sold at the grocery store already
2) My blog stats indicated that someone read my Valentine’s Day posts from last year
3) A friend brought up her journals from pre-marriage days and how they were “mostly about boys”

This led me to:

a) Re-read my Valentine’s Day posts
b) Realize that within a year: my writing style has changed a bit, my thoughts on “love” have matured (?)
c) Sit here and ponder my thoughts

As I sat here, I wondered whether or not my views on family, love, and marriage have changed at all within the last year. One word: profoundly. As I sit here at this moment, my life since last year flashes before me. It occurs to me that as human beings we are growing so much each day.  Two quotes suddenly come to mind:

“The only thing that’s constant is change.”

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” – Earl Nightingale

If our lives were static, then we wouldn’t be living. As each year passes, our age increases by 1 number, yet our views and our perspectives have been stretched, twisted, and moulded by our external exposure and our experiences. Growing up, I often looked towards my seniors. I used to think that they were somewhat superior to me because of their age, but I realize that this is no longer the case. The measurements of “superiority” that I used to base my judgment on were significantly different from how I measure maturity nowadays.

Superiority is the wrong term to use, but I always asked myself: What will I be like when I reach that age? Over the years, I have arrived at that new age “number” and what was seemingly going to be a completely different “level” of life wasn’t all that I thought it to be. I wasn’t suddenly blown away by what 18, 19, 20, 21… had to bring. I was still the same person. What I carried with me were my past experiences and current endeavours that were going to add to those experiences. In reality, what changed as life progressed were my perceptions, my priorities, and my relationships with people. My lifestyle, my day-to-day activities, and my endeavours were a tad easier to alter, but at the top of it all, were my values. And this is what signified each stage of my “progression” as I journeyed through my life on Earth (and still continues to).

I’ve always believed that one’s values are imperative to defining who we are, as it determines the ultimate actions we take, and thus the direction of our lives.



Decision Making



“It is not length of life, but depth of life.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


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