2013年 1月 11日: 星期五

這是我第一期用中文寫 blog 。有一點 surprise 嗎?

叫你一個秘密, 我現在只會用繁體字。啊… 怎麼辦呢?我一定會好好學!



– read newspapers, magazines

– sing karaoke, watch dramas (with subtitles)

– daily conversations with friends, speak at home

– listen to music in Mandarin, listen to the radio

– write in this blog? Having all my Twitter/Facebook posts bilingual?

– Read Chinese site

The goal is: 

– to be conversational in Mandarin (to speak without having to think)

– to increase my vocabulary

– to be able to read simplified characters



One thought on “2013年 1月 11日: 星期五

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