My Greatest Challenge in 2012 – A Christmas Sharing

My 1st iMovie complete!! Here’s a video compilation of my trek in India and my 23rd birthday in Jammu. This would probably be my greatest challenge of 2012 – physical, mental, spiritual.

You’re right, I did put my life on the line and my family had very differing opinions about my decision, but I thank them and I also THANK YOU for all your support this year. Your prayers, financial support, and your gift of friendship is one of the best gifts I could receive. This year, more than ever, I truly felt your love. It’s been a blessing to have this opportunity and to have had my perceptions and values change so much.

By the grace of God, I am here to celebrate Christmas this year! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your families. Hope you enjoy my sharing.

– I wanted to learn iMovie, so I played around with its features for a couple hours. It took almost 30mins to render and 1 hour to upload! So when my program closed, some minor changes weren’t saved… (noted in the YouTube description)
– A few more videos will be uploaded to the full playlist here:
– Complete blog & photos here: (See my 8-day trekking journal entries. There are 3.)


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