Dead-monton?! (Recommendations & Tips on Places to Eat and See in Edmonton)

Below is a note I found in my Facebook Notes section from 2009. Over the years, I’ve been sharing it with friends who travel to Edmonton. To continue with my recent sharing of Travel Itineraries from London and Munich, I figured I’d post this note on my blog rather than scrolling through my notes to find it every time. I haven’t updated it for years, but I’m pretty most of it is still very relevant today. That said, there are plenty of new restaurants and interesting findings throughout the city. (E.g. Just last weekend, I attended the Kaleidoscope Festival at the Arts Avenue.)

Enjoy Edmonton and have fun. For more posts taken from my travel experiences, see posts filed here.


I guess this is a note to prove to both MYSELF and Everyone out there who claims there is nothing to do in Edmonton… Or it’s just another excuse for me to write up a list…when I should be sleeping. Actually, I seriously need a list that I can refer to when I want to relax or want to find a place that a friend or 2 and I can go to! So here it goes!!! One more thing, all of this is completely public transportation accessible!!!!! Well, I’ll add some that aren’t.

I think I got practice from my Professional Tour Guide Services in Hong Kong. Friends, I shall take you every whereee and show you around!! (those not from Edmonton). Give me some time and I can probably brainstorm places for a couple of cities I’ve gone too…HAHA!!

Please feel free to add to my list…most of them relate to eating..sorry…haha

1. Sweet Potato fries / Cajun food at Dadeos on Whyte Ave

2. Dream Tea House in Strathcona

3. Shopping on Whyte Ave. (When Pigs Fly, Lulu Lemon, Chapters, Chicken Scratch, antiquey/boutiques, records?!)

4. Desserts at Upper Crust Cafe (they are pretty big slices!

5. Dinner or Lunch at Earl’s on Campus! (it’s ok…I guess…if you have no other options) Gaya is also good…but a little over priced, I think, especially for the uncomfortable seating)

6. Baked Apple Pie at Joey’s!!!!!!! (Downtown. Get off at Corona Station) PHENOMENAL!!!!!!

7. Affagato at Da Capo!!!!!! ($6) They are open late…11pm on Fridays

8. Steeps for Tea! (from all around the world. Loveee it! Internet access and some comfy seating areas too!)

9. Second Cup at Churchill Square. (get to see lots of randoms and it’s close to City Centre, but not in it! Plus the library is next door and the Winspear centre is across the street)

10. Concerts at the Winspear (student tickets are super cheap 1 hour before concerts. Haven’t tried this though…)

11. Theatre/Musicals at the Citadel

12. Opera/Music shows at the Jubliee

13. Shopping at WEM (endless number of shops…they keep getting more and more too!)

14. Bowling at Ed’s (I think they have a Tuesday special)

15. Fuss Cupcakes on Whyte Ave…(it’s actually pretty ugly inside there…haha!)

16. Potluck/BBQ/Cook Offs at a frd’s house

17. Old Spaghetti Factory downtown for big groupss of students in debt. haha. jk.

18. Sweet Potato Fries at Dewey’s on campus!!!

19. Studying together at the library. Esp Scott Library. LOL! (study breaks at Wendy’s for Frosties or Timmy’s!)

20. Music at Noon at Convocation Hall at Uni

21. Ivory Club for some piano dueling

22. River Valley walks/jogs

23. Go for a road trip to Jasper/Banff/Calgary!!! (fine…not in the city. LOL)

24. Lazia at City Centre

25. Movie at City Centre or wherever. I think they have this student combo. OR Movie at Cinplex Odeon with your movie gift certs or passes!! Uni and AMA sell them for less than $9! (well, in ON, they have $5 movies…not here…unfortunately) – pricing at AMA has changed, 2012.

26. Laser Tag…apparently

27. Starbucks or Sushi downtown at Kyoto..not on a Tuesday tho..their sushi chef is horrible on that day (also Corona Station)

28. Korean food!!!! (Gaya is on campus! as mentioned above. Also try…the one near Bonnie Doon…or some place with BBQ. Bolgugi House is fine…but it’s a little smelly there…I think they need a better ventilation system. MY Jab Chae is ALSO PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!)

29. Twisted Fork on campus is pretty good too, I hear!!

30. Stanley A. Milner Library downtown often has NFB movies..for free showing!!

31. Have a gathering with Millennium Laureates, Shads, old/new friends; REUNIONSSSS

32. Take your relatives out for lunch or dim sum

33. Call up someone in your interested field of profession and take them out for coffee and pick at their brain.

34. SUB has free movie nights too…

35. Join a student group and do whatever they do…haha

36. Church groups! or Volunteer. (Endless possibilities for this one!)

37. Concerts at convocation hall at Uni are often affordable for students! Only $10-15 for student tickets!

38. THe new art gallery just opened downtown!

39. WORK OUT at the Van Vliet or whatever gym you have a membership at!

40. Not a HUGE fan (esp of those in Edmonton)…but plenty of bars, clubs, lounges…or whatever your heart desires….!

41. Chocolate buffet!!(at Sutton Place hotel) Not THAT great..but it still exists

42. Chinatown..?! um..kinda sketchy tho…rethink this one…however, food is…I think.

43. omg…Kiwanis Festival Gala!Sorry I forget the dates of this…Early int he new year or so?! ok..less events

44. There’s the Telus World of Science and the Museums…plus it’s Edmonton…you can pretty much stargaze anywhere…there is an observatory tho.

45. Make sure someone not from Edmonton gets to take the…not THAT efficient LRT across the high level bridge! It’s a BEAUTY to see!!! (the view…)

46. Legislature (Free swim outside and omg a BEAUTY!!) and City Hall. (Free Skating at City Hall during the winter!! Even at Hawrelak Park..but careful with that one…it’s an actual pond or w/e)

47. Wing Nights at Brewsters!!!!!!!! or this place on Whyte….um…I know where it is, but the name slips me atm.

48. See a hockey game at Rexall or a concert there! Pick up the Where Magazine for other super cool events around the city!

49. Alberta Arts Days: Sept 18-20. Cool stuff everywhere! (well sort of…) There’s also our own Fashion week…ok. I won’t mention more events. like when Businesses downtown have this eating thing…(omg can’t remember what it’s called right now..) so um…Fringe, Street Performers, Heritage Days, New Year’s Countdown, Taste of Edmonton, Capital Ex, Symphony Under the Sky etc.

50. Some cool restaurants, but sort of pricey-er for the student paying for their own education.. CHOP Steakhouse and Bar, Lux, Century Grill, Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse, Hardware Grill, Crowne Plaza (revolving restaurant…is ok), Unheard of, um…these come to mind at this hour.

51. Improv nights!!!!!!! omg, weekly too!

52. Nachos at Julios on Whyte Ave.

53. Vegan food at the Cactus Club…or was that somewhere else..or..ok..seriously..I think this entry is all wrong…OH it’s Cafe Mosaic on Whyte…now I don’t know what that cactus club thing is…call me crazy (wait…yes..Cactus Club..there is one by WEM. It opened summer 2009, while I was still in Asia! Time for me to check it out!)

54. Concerts at Muttart Hall…see plants at the Muttart Conservatory..there’s this new area by the river valley too…um..lots of area there?!

55.And..ya..sleepover at a frds, play mahjong, sing Karaoke, have a BBQ, do whatever I Mentioned before

56. Take the Queen Boat thing…on the River Valley

57. Golf while you can. The clubs in Edmonton are pretty…non-spectacular from what I hear…and have seen…haha.

58. Go ski on the hill (Snow Valley, Sunridge,…pales in comparison to the Rockies…but it’s an option!

59. OH…we have that Waterpark at WEM and an indoor amusement park…Galaxyland… it’s quite amusing… (but I don’t want to help market WEM right now…)

It’s time for me to sleep now and stop brainstorming. Enjoy! ANd YAY! I’ll add more to the list next time, but here’s some things you can do for now! Shad Reunions, Millennium Gatherings…here are some ideas!!! Ok, I’m throwing this out there… Career back up. Be a professional tour guide…lol. I prefer being a super cool bus that can fly. I’m tired. BYE!

60. High Tea at Rutherford House

61. Plan a fundraiser with some friends…seriously…and do it! OR attend on of the fundraisers in the city! I really liked the sound of Bar Philanthropy or this Time for Change event…something like that. Look into more meaningful outings around your city!!! How? Talk to people, pay attention to posters around your campus, look online at school websites, your friends’ endeavours, etc. Pay attention to what your frd’s diverse interests are!

62. Edmonton is boring, right? Then make something out of it….what’s boring about it? It’s lack of things to do….despite the 61 ideas above?? pshh…well, in that case…go somewhere even MORE quiet…lie there, in the middle of nowhere and look up into the sky and reflect on something that entices you! =) And now…wasn’t that soothing and relaxing? Not like you could have done that in the middle of the day in downtown Toronto! =P

63. Kyoto on Campus too…or Chianti’s on Whyte. Maybe give Roof At The Top (RATT) a try….I guess…

64. East at the Citadel!!

I hope I didn’t double any. Until next time! =)

65. Corn Maze

*New stuff! I reread it all and so….you know what?! Food brings people together! That’s why it’s all related to food… And I like people.*

66. Original Joe’s and their tractor nachos…MUST SHARE…preferably not between 2 tiny girls…

67. Walk around Beaumaris Lake with your friends! It’s 1.5 km…apparently =)

68. Crankpots. Go with a gf or bf and paint sth. Spend some time together…or seriously…just go home and cook something together! (of course, after you go shop for groceries together!!!! soooo much funnn)

69. Go to Little Lebanon… OMG THE BEST ZAATAR you will ever have….and FRESH!

70. Visit Little Italy and buy bread from that Italian grocery store….soooo yummy!!!!! I don’t really know what else is there.

71. When all else fails, go home and do research on the next city you are going to go to! =P

72. Ski at Snow Valley, Sunridge, etc.

73. Eat lunch at one of the golf clubs. The view is always nice 😉

March 15, 1020 Update…

CAMPUS EATS section…(if not above)

74. Sugarbowl on campus!!! (going this Friday, but apparently Great cinnamon buns and beer…!)

75. Phobulous: Vietnamese food just off campus! Small space, but not too bad! (price: ~9 for large portions!)

76. Cafe Leva! Apparently used to be owned by an Italian guy! They don’t have many flavours to choose from, but the environment is nice and there is wide selection of appetizers and side dishes to complement your caffeinated drink! It looks better inside than outside! Check out their gelato selections! (although, I still love Da Capo’s affagatos! And the high ceilings at Block 1912 on Whyte!)

77. *NEW: Kabuki (sp) and some coffee shop on the polar end of Kabuki). These are both on the right and left hand sides of the Garneau Theatre!


THIS IS TOO FUNNY –!/pages/Deadmonton-A-New-MTV-Reality-Show/130172157015672?ref=ts

78. EIFF = Edmonton International Film Festival (

79. LitFest

80. TEDxEdmonton

81. Pecha Kutcha Nights (hosted by EdmNextGen)

82. Your are the home of the FIRST Victoria’s Secret store in Canada…(haha)

83. Check out all the festivals in Edmonton – we are, after all, “the Festival City.”

84. Alberta Arts Days

85. Free movies at the Edmonton Public Library. (Also, TED talks monthly)

86. POTENTIAL Edmonton Expo 2017!!!!!! ( – check out the hot new vid!)


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