Munich: A Sample Travel Itinerary

As promised in my previous blog post, London: A Sample Travel Itinerary, below is my daily schedule for a quick 3-4 day trip to Munich, Germany. Definitely a lot of great food in Germany and supermarket prices were very well affordable. Make sure you eat schinken (*sp) and brezel while you’re there – and beer is extremely cheap! Be responsible now 😉 (Note: I found Munich to be extremely “touristy”. In the summer, especially, you will see tourists fill the streets. That said, on a sunny day, you could spend hours just sitting at the park eating ice cream and chilling. What allows you to indulge in Munich even more is their extensive local train system that runs until about 3-4am and goes all over the city.

Good luck and have fun travelling! (For a post on Zurich, Switzerland, see here)

MUNICH Schedule


  • Local train (Amsterdam > Hannover > Munich in 9 hours)
  • Marienplatz meet Rachel
  • Beer in Marienplatz
  • Ostbahnhof for pork, schnitzel, beer at an Augustiner
  • SLEEP!




  • Pack, souvenir/grocery shopping
  • Mediterranean food with Rachel
  • Beers with Rachel
  • Train to Zurich

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