A Q & A Encounter (Post #tywAmazingRace)

who were the 3 most inspirational people you met? why???

1) A Tibetan refugee (woman) from Ladakh. Her life story was just so amazing and such an eye-opener. She was truly someone who did not take life for granted and made the best of her life, despite the circumstances she was born into.
Quote from a TV show that  I really liked: “Only a fool confuses fate with destiny. Fate is what happens to us. Destiny is what we make in spite of our fate.” – Covert Affairs
2) Trekking guide from the Ladakhi Womens’ Trekking Company. A true visionary who saw a problem, became passionate about it, and did everything she could to accomplish her dreams. She is now well on her way to growing her company and inspiring others through her actions.
Reminds me of: “Lead by example.”
3) Students from the Patiala School for the Blind and Deaf. Their passion for learning, their patience, and the happiness in their faces from new visitors. Also, the older children who took such good care of the younger children, as their teachers were not always the best people to turn to. (All the children there live at the school, so they are all each other’s family during the school year.)
4) The Singh family in Patiala who built the school and insist that no tuition shall be charged to students. Their efforts to reach out to the community for all the funding for the school and its new projects.

what were the 3 main takeaways from your trip?

Off the top of my head…
1) When you read to learn, that is only part of the journey. Unless you experience it first hand, you will never fully understand something entirely. That said, even if you experience it, it still isn’t going to be 100%, but you are that much closer than if you didn’t and that’s what sets you apart. Hence the importance of experiential learning.
2) The importance of being open-minded, flexible, and adaptable. (I’ve outlined this in one of my blog posts)
3) Independence is so much more than just living on your own and out of your parent’s home. When you have to rely on no one, but yourself, that is what independence is.
4) BONUS: God’s grace and His power. Being exposed to so much of the world I had never seen before, I was absolutely amazed and humbled by His greatness and what He has created.

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