Follow My 2012 Summer Blog: #tywAmazingRace India & Europe

Hello there, readers!

It’s been awhile since I posted here, but that’s because I have been focusing most of my efforts on a new page for my trip to India and Europe this summer. I am volunteering in India through a Canadian non-profit organization. Nevertheless, the post below is taken from that blog, which can be found here:

There are many posts there already, so enjoy! I’ll return to this blog after my trip is over.


24 Hours Before Departure (#tywAmazingRace Part IV)

The time is now 1:30AM and I am extremely tired. This probably isn’t very good, but each week this month has felt like a month in itself, so this day has been like a few days!

Nevertheless,  just a couple of notes on what that last 24 hours have been like:

  • Work for 8 hours; teach piano for 1 hr; got some amazing hugs
  • Purchase internal India flights (*surprisingly it worked)
  • Connect with my emergency contacts and send them my 10-page document
  • Touch base with my friend in India
  • Tackle the last couple of concerns I have; Mitigate risks with actioned items and concrete plans
  • Write a few more lists
  • Buy a completely new sleeping bag (one for +4’C, rather than my +15’C one.)
  • Purchase multi-vitamins, VitC, and Pepto Bismol (Love my pharmacist/med friends who are reachable with a quick click!)
  • Clean email inbox (reply/archive/star)
  • Have a set arrival plan for pick up
  • Complete all remaining fundraising follow up and tracking
  • Packing / cleaning (You’d be surprised how much harder it is to pack 40L than a suitcase!)
  • Family dinner
  • Pick something up across town
  • Make good use of the “cloud”
  • Format all SD cards
  • Friend drops by my home 🙂
  • Register my trips on the Canada Abroad / Voyages website

More re-arranging in the morning, because I am getting sleepy. I am going to make another trip to MEC tomorrow (likely after Sunday service)!

Ending now with, THANKS FOR READING and ENJOY! Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. (A huge shout out to my group of friends praying for me each day.) There are bunch of post drafts I have, but I think they’ll have to wait until I return…



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