Most Amazing Good Friday in Vancouver!

Here’s a peek at my first ever Good Friday spent in Vancouver. It was filled with fantastic conversation, plenty of exercise and self-directed sight-seeing, plus some really delicious food.

Had the most amazing Good Friday yesterday:

– Take public transit from Surrey to Vancouver
– Finally understood the geography of Vancity + surrounding areas decently
– Tour UBC campus (Even the Museum of Anthropology and CIRS – a hyper LEED building that’s almost a living building!)
– Lunch at Naam in Kitslano (a very popular veg restaurant that’s open 24/7 and has ridiculous line ups – out the door! Had the: tempeh veggie burger platter. It was ok. Their desserts are much more intriguing!)
– Most epic Impact! reunion talking about: business, marketing, geography, sociology, “sustainability!”
– Finally understood #YVR’s downtown: Burrard Street, Robson Street, Davie Street, Granville Street, Robson Square, Waterfront, English Bay, Gas Town, Yaletown, etc.
– Randomly ran into a friend on the streets of downtown Vancity — what a SMALL WORLD. (She was in her car, I was crossing the pedestrian)
– Got to see the “Vision Critical” building close up!!! (I’ve only ever talked to them via conference alls and read their reports digitally)
– Dinner at Stepho’s Greek Taverna (Awesome food that’s priced well. Make a reservation before you go – the line up’s are huge. Had the: Lamb pita souvlaki. Mmm!)
– Wind down and chilling with the Dhaliwal’s
– Having a good night’s rest!

What’s intriguing about having the opportunity to travel around to different campuses and cities is the comparisons and contrasts you make between them. Immersing yourself in the local lifestyle gives one a much greater insight into the people who live there (and yes, the geography of that particular city). During our Impact! Reunion and talking to students who study geography, I learned a lot  about geo-clustering, GIS mapping, transfer of tacit knowledge, etc. We realized just how amazing “SYSTEMS THINKING” is and just how interconnected all our different fields of study were — we just had different terminology.

I now know the difference between physical space and human space! EXCITING.

Happy Easter, everyone!! And a HUGE shout out to Impact! alumni and my RIM Co-op buddies in Vancouver. It was so amazing to reunite with you all 🙂

Ps. The past few days have given me a significant insight into true friendships and what it means to be in a genuine relationship with one other person. Lifelong friends don’t come by often, but when you see it, grasp tightly and make the effort. It is about selflessly giving yourself and not setting (unreasonable) expectations. Being open and honest, and breaking down barriers. Those genuine conversations of sharing and effortless exchange are so worth it. Keep the communication open and strong. It need not be constant, but meaningful and whole-hearted.

“Have you ever been able to sit + talk to one other person for 3 hours straight and still be fully engaged after those 180 minutes? #friend” – @tammyYTwong

Your living ethnographer,


One thought on “Most Amazing Good Friday in Vancouver!

  1. Vancouver…LEED, sustainable, vegetarian, epic…Vancouver – can’t wait to go there someday!
    I see you use the term reunion and Impact very often (usually as one phrase) – I am so curious how you have so many big get-togethers with these awesome people so successfully, perhaps it is the group or their awesomeness that makes it seem easy but I have a heck of a time pooling great friends together – particularly across the country, you must teach me! :]
    And big yes to that last quote, I have experienced that more times here in Korea (even Japan) than in my whole life!

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