What’s She Doing in Hong Kong

Dear friends,

It’s officially been 2 full days since I’ve returned, yet it already feels like a week. I was originally going to create an entirely new blog just for this trip or #tywAmazingRace, but I don’t think I have the luxury to do so on this desktop computer my aunt hasn’t used in 3 years (it’s hyper outdated and s- l – o – w). And while my aunt can’t understand my “tech” speak on obtaining the wireless internet password, I am left with no choice but to use this desktop…for now. I’m on this task!

Nevertheless, this trip to Hong Kong might seem like a surprise to some of you, as I have been incredibly busy these past 2 months and haven’t had time to think about Hong Kong, let alone share it. The main purpose of my trip is for family-related events + errands my parents need to complete, so even though you might think this is a “vacation,” it only feels like it partially. (i.e. In my mind, it isn’t a holiday.)

Glimpse: Visit grandmother’s burial (she passed away while I was in Waterloo last year and I was unable to attend the funeral), grandfather’s burial (haven’t visited for more than a decade), family trip, cousin’s wedding, for me to see/learn where some of my ancestors (father’s side) came from, and other important tasks. This is also the reason I do not even have time to see friends until the last week before I leave.

To recap the past 48 hours…

Sunday evening: Arrived HKG and went straight to my cousin’s birthday dinner party. I was in sweatpants and had literally no sleep. Cool fact: My cousin’s apparently somewhat of a celebrity! Cool fact 2: HKG has free Wi-Fi and I used my PlayBook to connect while there! My Canada SIM card could also access Wi-Fi and I had BBM to use. (With a HK SIM, Wi-Fi is not always free.)

Monday: I. 1000 + 1 errands in Hong Kong. I made so many observations this day, but I felt like a local all over again. It’s funny how fast 3 years goes by and you suppress certain memories until a rush of events rush back into your mind the moment you’re presented with familiar things again. Today was a special day, for several reasons. My parents got to collect their 6000 HKD the HK government is giving away to all its residents. (There was a surplus, so everyone got some money!) II. We booked a 4-day trip to SINGAPORE! (Now this is a vacation!) III. My dad bought me a grad gift 🙂 IV. Family dinner with my dad’s side of the family. (We didn’t eat breakfast or lunch until 5pm that day…and had dinner at 7pm….. We also walked/bussed/MTR-ed a lot.)

Tuesday: More errands. Highlights were seeing my relatives for dim sum, seeing my new baby cousin/visiting aunt 7, having some awesome (and cheap food:  <$10 CAD for a breakfast for 3) in HK, getting a perm (!), and going to the Lion’s Club in Hong Kong to watch my uncle train others in Thai boxing. I also took the MTR for the first time this trip and just this year, they’ve installed a safety wall between the MTR platform and where the trains come.

I am exhausted and have been rushing home to do more planning/organizing for #tywAmazingRace and other aspects of “life,” as we know it (more on this coming soon.) Tomorrow, and for the next 3 days, we are going to Macau and 2 different cities in China. I am going to visit the place where my ancestors are from!

Until next time, take care and I hope you enjoyed my sharing! (By the way, it’s really humid here. Cool and humid! I’d post photos, but I really don’t have that luxury right now.)



4 thoughts on “What’s She Doing in Hong Kong

  1. I’m so lucky to be the first to comment *-* I can kinda understand you as I have similar experiences, too. Memory can hibernate, and it suddenly wakes up when you’re in right time and place! Have fun and keep updating! BTW the rail transit system is called MTR in Hong Kong and MRT in Singapore (and PetroLine in Kuala Lumpur!!). The Lion City also has LRT but that’s something totally different from Edmonton. I always can’t help thinking why the world is so funny.

  2. Good on you to getting the most out of this trip Tammy, definitely a more fulfilling adventure than just a vacation, sounds like a whirlwind of memories both old and new! And WOW to getting free money! So does the HK government do this once a year if they have surplus to everyone, or was this special? Oh and what was your grad gift, you left me curious! :]

  3. Tammy

    Thanks you guys!

    Frank – I didn’t know you followed my blog! Thanks for the comments. I’ll share as much as I can, whenever I have internet access. I’ve been traveling around a bit, so I haven’t had much time to sit down and write these past 3 days. Nevertheless, how is the Singapore LRT different from that in Edmonton? I’ve taken all those trains you mentioned before and most memorable about Singapore’s train is that the annoucement is done in 3 languages: Tamil, Chinese, English. (also the No durian signs) In Malaysia, the “no public displays of affection” signs left a strong impression on my friends and .

    Rahul – I’d say we’re both having epic trips! Send me your mailing address in Ontario and I’ll send you a postcard. (I already bought it. haha!) I’m not sure why the HK gov’t did that this year. Let me ask and get back to you (via micro-hub). This does not happen often at all… gift? A pendant 🙂

  4. Ha, the world is small and we can meet from time to time, online or offline.

    In Singapore, if my memory serves correctly, MRT is similar to LRT in Edmonton, but MRT has security doors (and often many underground stores). LRT, however, is actually monorail, and there is no driver!

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