BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Release Day!

Dear readers,

Before I start annoying my friends on Facebook with all my commentary about the latest PlayBook OS 2.0 update, I thought I’d just blog about it. (So much faster — plus, there’s a new WordPress PlayBook App today!)

The update was released at 5am EST today (Feb 21, 2012)  just as several tech blogs reported. I’ll say, CrackBerry, because I’m so in love with it. (haha!) With that, I also want to send a huge shout out to RIM’s teams for all their hard work for this release. (Especially those friends of mine working over time! So proud!)

Here’s a very quick overview on the new features you’ll find (if you were not a part of the beta):

  1. BlackBerry Remote (use your smartphone as a keyboard and mouse with your tablet over Bluetooth – also for Android tablets.)
  2. New Calendar, Email, and Contacts (with contact cards – combines all available online data)
  3. New PlayBook App World – updated user interface
  4. New Video Store for PlayBook (*US only for now)
  5. New BlackBerry PlayBook Android App Player  (*WordPress App now on Playbook – for all you avid bloggers out there!) NOTE: “you can’t see the Android app player — you need to install an app that makes use of it.” (CrackBerry)
  6. Thousands of new apps in App World (*Facebook App update.)
  7. Messages App – integrated with email accounts and social networking
  8. Enhanced web browsing experience
  9. Updated virtual keyboard (with corrections)
  10. Richer Video Chat
  11. There are also several new applications available for Enterprise: Mobile Fusion, BlackBerry Balance, etc.
**Psst… you’ll even get to see your LED indicator in action now!

I’ll keep this short and simple for now! Have a read of CrackBerry’s posts from today and stay tuned for my next blog post. It will be on my favourite BlackBerry PlayBook applications and on tips for how I use the PlayBook in my daily life. It’s increased my productivity, to say the least!



One thought on “BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Release Day!

  1. Erik

    Lovin’ the new keyboard 🙂

    Also, can’t wait until more android apps are ported over. Hoping of netflix, skype and alike!

    Anyway, a much welcomed update! Great post.

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