[Opinion] What Does Valentine’s Day Really Mean – Part 1

If you enjoyed my post on Halloween, you’ll like this one! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post: Love. It’s time for another story. Welcome to the #tywlife.

[Note: This post is part of a 2-part series. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow.]

Two nights ago, I took out a set of Valentine’s Day cards I had purchased last year. I had planned to give them to some other Co-op students at the office, since I was a Building Rep and I really did “love” them. (haha! I did and still do – if you’re one of the students reading this post right now.)

Nevertheless, I decided to write up a bunch for my colleagues at the office, and it reminded me of the days in elementary school where February meant we’d get to decorate a Valentine’s Day card holder and write each other cute little messages. We’d get special cookies or sweet snacks that week. It was so much fun! My father would also bring home roses and our living room would look “pretty” and smell nice.

By junior high and high school, Valentine’s Day seemed to have a different meaning. So and so were “dating” – whoa, a big word back then… And the little joys we used to have seemed to just melt away. Do you believe people know the true meaning of LOVE in junior high? High school?

I received my very first love letter in high school. (Apologies to the sender, if you’re reading this. It’s been long enough that I can write about it.) I’ve got to hand it to him, I never knew people around me noticed all those little things about me or even cared about them. Thank you. The use of the word “love” just boggled my mind, and perhaps I didn’t know the definition back then. I knew one thing – and my cousin taught me this – never lower your standards and always have your priorities straight.

At that point in my life, I was so focused on everything I needed to do and it was just the beginning of my adolescence. I, nor any of my friends (so it seemed), had time to think about such things. I thought my running around was a big sign for “this girl is busy.” (I guess I’m still this way… Time to reflect?!) I suppose any guy really interested would be more persistent and patient. That said, I was only a teenager and had other things on my mind. It was likely the last of my priorities. Plus, how could someone know the meaning of “love”? (I was 15 years old.) Sorry, that might be an excuse. I guess I was just really not interested.


If you love someone set them free.

If they come back, they’re yours;

If they don’t they never were.

– Richard Bach


Love isn’t just “two people who smell nice and hang out with each other,” as a child once described it. Look around. Look at the families and the sacrifices. The challenges, obstacles, and lessons learned. The unbreakable bond between two people whose connection is so deeply rooted… The ability for one to look past the sins of another… That is love. It is not simply being “persistent” or “accepting” another person. (I read this poem at my cousin’s wedding last summer: “The Art of A Good Marriage” – great insights)

(To be continued…) “Valentine’s Day… the day for couples to express their love for one another… an association with “romantic love…”

Part 2 has now been posted: [Opinion] What Does Valentine’s Day Really Mean – Part 2


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