Online Tools That Will Make Life Easier – Part 1

Coming out of an Open Space session during a conference last year, I had a list of these in my notebook. I thought I’d type them up and share them. They are in no particular order, but check them out. I do not personally use all of these, but I will highlight some of my favorite tools/websites. Feel free to share some of your own sites and tools below! Good luck with your personal productivity journey.
tyw daily Favorites:
  • Websites: HBR Blog, Fast Company, TED talks, Techmeme, the Globe and Mail, FP Tech desk, BBC minute videos, techcrunch/engadget, email newsletters, tech blogs, public (research) sites of tech companies
  • Music: 8tracks, grooveshark, slacker radio, CBC Radio/BBC Radio
  • Video/tv: SideReel,, YouTube channels (George Strombo), PopTech, the 99%
  • Doodle for meetings, FB groups for connecting/engaging, BBM/Twitter/GTalk/Skype for daily/adhoc engagement, GDocs + InSync for collab work, Dropbox, Evernote for note-taking (similar to OneNote)
  • Random: Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Empire Avenue, Hootsuite, Google Alerts, metrics (listed below)
  • Deloitte reports, ComScore blog, McKinsey Reports
  • sticky notes, whiteboard, journal, books (OFFLINE!)
Open Space Session: Useful technology tools (a brainstorm)
  1. (free drag+drop website) – post vides+others; analytics; no webmarks
  2. Prezi – non-traditional presentations
  3. Social Media Bible (Google this to find out more)
  4. Nerdfighters
  5. MyCommittee – see who hasn’t reviewed meeting minutes
  6. Doodle – meetings set up
  7. Meet Ups (website for similar interest gatherings) – global service
  8. Couch Surfing, Ride Share, AirBnB (has insurance policy) – based on referencing
  9. Google 🙂
  10. Mailchimp
  11. Delicious (bookmarking)
  12. Reddit – read news that’s popular before it’s popular!
  13. Getting Things Done
  14. Oh Life
  15. (The Daily Good)
  16. World Changing
  17. Open Culture – learning

Social Media / Social Networking

  1. – online business card to showcase all online platforms + snapshot of self
  2. Facebook Groups – share links, post docs, msging a group of people at once
  3. Tumblr (blog) – links, text, vids, photos; re-blog features
  4. Pinterest (*collaborative sharing boards made public) – links, photos, videos
  5. Twitter – connect with journalists/professionals, check out #localplaces
  6. Tweetdeck – soc aggregator
  7. Youtube/Vimeo (better quality) – video sharing
  8. Geo-cashing
  9. metrics: Klout, Empire Ave, socialbro, tweetreach (search #hashtags)

Free Apps / Cloud Storage / Cloud Docs

  1. Open Office
  2. VLC
  3. gimp (photo editing)
  4. Mac desktop apps
  5. Dropbox/Box (file sharing) – Also: filefly (within Facebook), (share files; 2GB), InSync (Desktop app for storage of Google docs)
  6. Google Docs (pretty much the MS Office Suite) – collaborative docs
  7. Evernote  – Cloud notetaking; across platform

ACADEMIC/Insighful videos:

  1. – VIDEOS – snippets on how to do things, similar to TED talks but to educate audiences
  2. iTunes U (online lectures)
  3. MIT resources: Open Course Ware (OCW)
  4. MITx (interactive) – coming soon Spring 2012
  5. TED talks
  6. Academic Earth
  7. Khan Academy (K-12; interactive)
  8. DuoLingo (not video) – learn a new language & help translate

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