tywlife Snippets: A Kick Off to New Year’s Resolutions!

Today was interesting. It was my first official day without having to go to school or work. Technically school has yet to begin, because semester starts next week. Nevertheless, my New Year’s Resolutions started!


To sum it up, I woke up and read for 1 hour. I read for 1 hour before sleeping last night too. I proceeded to reply my emails/M-projects on Basecamp via my BlackBerry, all the while listening to CBC Radio 2. I love starting my day with some classical tunes 🙂 Scheduled a meeting for next week and replied a few more emails.


A fresh cleanse and down the stairs I went. Had a fulfilling lunch and checked all my social media, responding to relevant material. I finalized a few of my New Year’s Resolutions and made them more “specific.” I identified my accountability buddies, and then watched an episode of Covert Affairs. (One of favorites!) This week, I will be connecting with the rest of my accountability buddies with outlines of my goals this year.

After taking a tiny break, I read a bunch of articles I have had pulled up for a long time. I installed the new Evernote application and sorted some of my notes, organized my Dropbox and cleaned some docs on my laptop, and did more reading. It was awesome to see the value of all technology companies increase today! I watched a brilliant video on staying competitive and some of Deloitte’s business practices. It was absolutely fascinating.


A shower break and off to prep for tonight’s conference call. It was a very intriguing and productive meeting. I was pleased. We came to a couple of key decisions that I am quite happy with. I even caught the last 5 minutes of the World Junior’s (Canada vs. Russia). Crazy game 5-6 Russia.

I had Skype chat with a friend from Toronto working at Avanade right after, and he taught me a bit about CRM consulting and what he does. My next call was with a good friend from Edmonton, and we caught up on his work with CGI. I’m so proud of him! We might go to TMT Predictions 2012 together. Finally, I ended by midnight with a call from Florida, from a friend who recently graduated with his BSc ECE. He showed me his iron ring and we discussed his life post-university. Vini V and I scheduled for a chat tomorrow for me to update her on the meeting she missed.

And that, ladies and gents, sums up most of my day. I connected with a few other people here and there, but that’s about it! (Oh yah, I cleaned up all my physical course notes. If anyone wants any marketing notes from the UofA and is #NotSettlingForUnderAnA, LET ME KNOW!)


Tomorrow will be time to tackle: the M-inbox, MLaunch 2.0 planning/development set up some meeting, clean up Marketing/Engagment plan, Conf Engagement ideas outlined, M-Profile Survey; leisure read/8 cups H20/news articles; 2012 financial spreadsheet set out; clean my room/organize bookshelf/donate clothes; Mac software update; study. Let’s aim to accomplish more each day.

As a side note, I drank 7 cups of water today and snacked just a bit. I’d say it was a pretty balanced day. I’m also becoming a tad addicted to French pop music on espace.mu.

Ps.  I hope you enjoyed this personal sneak peek into my life.

bonne nuit,


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