Undergraduate Degree Finale (4-month PHOTO recap): Living the Balanced life

The last four months of my Undergraduate Degree can be summarized in one word: EPIC.

The photos in this album outline how I spent my Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec. I lived vicariously and enjoyed every single minute of it! I aimed to balance all aspects of my life, and turned out having one of the BEST semesters ever! (Academics, extracurriculars, and travels included! ) Details are outlined by month below, with respective blog entries hyperlinked.

The journey continues and it is going to be so amazing. I promise a 2012 reflection soon. Have a Merry Christmas Eve! (I am cooking Christmas Dinner this year and I have no idea what is going on, but this is the menu: bruschetta, quinoa side dish, chicken cordon bleu, home-made biscotti/oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookies…)

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Here is a chronological Summary (iPhoto always manages to ruin the order of my photos…on Facebook):


– Return from Calgary & BC Trip with family
– Fall semester begins!
– Facilitate 2011 IMPACT! Conference in Guelph, ON
– Also went to Waterloo, ON to visit the Waterloo M-Hub and to have lunch with RIM colleagues
– Alberta Art Days (Enterprise Square) & TED Talks at Noon with UAlberta Alumni
– Famoso Pizzeria dinner with the family! That’s Tiramisu shipped fresh from Italy! (Tammy’s treat once a month begins)


– Fall Campus Photos
– Hole’s Enjoy Centre in St. Albert with the family!
– SUBmart Consulting Project begins – on site (A+ project!!! WOOT!)
– Heart-to-Heart with Chrissy Lunch (After she screamed to me across campus)
– Edmonton Corn Maze & Cheesecake Factory Indulgence with Anthony P
– 456 Shanghai Restaurant
– Music @ Noon (Convocation Hall, UAlberta Campus) – Guest performers from Montreal!
– Sustainability Week @ UAlberta Campus – Oil Sands talk
– Wrote a blog on Nutrition Labeling (the debate!)
– Edmonton M-Hub Fall Reunion & Potluck
– Food times @ the AMA Office with my AMA Sistas! (A client baked us a cake)
– Guest speaker & Author @ SEAC
– SEAC Learning Conf (with Dr. Richard Svenson on the Risk of Stress) – Here’s a reflection from a RELAXING CUBA Trip last year.
– Unboxing of Tammy’s Macbook Air! (Honorium money used towards a meaningful gift for myself to make myself even more efficient at my extracurricular work!)
– Book purchases..throughout the semester…
– UAlberta Alumni Event on Networking (with Ken Bautista); FAB Gallery Visit; AGA Night (Art Gallery Alberta); Find practice rooms in FAB!
– Rodeo Burger lunch with my M 🙂
– National Day in Poland. Edmonton Recital Series with guest violinist and pianist @ Muttart Hall, Alberta College.
– Packing…typical scene: Eating in my room, watching a TED talk, while…packing happens afterwards
– Annual Arabic Ladies & Tammy Halloween Movies+Sweet Indulgence Night with babiess!


– Skype chat with my sister in Russia (typical: “lecturing”/mentoring her on life)
M-Catalyst Regional Conference @ Montreal, QC
– Spent a week in Montreal (Highlights: Habs vs Oilers hockey game, YOUths Exec meeting, Images+Nation LGBT documentary festival, Krisha Hare temple visit, MacShads gathering, IMPACT! 2011 reunion, Montreal M-Hub activities, FOOD GALORE; practice in Jonathan Crow’s office (that’s pretty cool to me!), Remembrance Day @ McGill Campus)
– NERDING OUT on projects, meetings, studying.
– NEW GLASSES for 2012 (my 8th pair…yes, I alternate among them all…)
– Studying in SUB – Flash Mob for Campus Food Bank Week
– Edmonton M-Hub Star Gazing Event at the UAlberta Observatory @ CCIS Building (heart-to-heart with Nurin D before)
– #SMBYEG12 event @ CBC Edmonton Centre Stage
– Friends sending me BBM photos of the Christmas Tree at RIM and the BlackBerry Store in Indonesia! (I love having friends there!!)
– FREE STORE YEG kicks off their event @ City Centre


– Class presentations begin!
– ULTIMATE NERD MONTH where I handed in: 5 essay-assignments, 3 group project papers (one was 72 pages long), 3 presentations, and study for 3 exams.
– Kid’s Choir at the Legislature Building (with M and J)
– More Book shopping… and eatings…
– Last day of Classes! (Our Responsible and Sustainable Marketing Class donated to the Edmonton Christmas Bureau!)
– Official last day of class & DaCapo/Shopping/Lunch Date with Christina W.
– A German Sunday Brunch with Aaron C at Bernie’s!
– Final Debrief Meeting with client & team brunch @ Sugarbowl
– Write a quick month summary: The #StudentLife: A #tywlife Update
– Annual Edmonton Shad Valley Christmas Dinner @ Old Spaghetti Factory
– Millennium Network M-Summit
– Took a study break to listen to RIM’s Earning’s Call
– Last UNDERGRAD EXAM ever!!!


4 thoughts on “Undergraduate Degree Finale (4-month PHOTO recap): Living the Balanced life

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  2. Daniel Anstett

    Awesome M-blog BTW. I can’t say I’ve been to M-Hubs all over the COUNTRY, like you seem to, but its been a BIG part of my life this year. M-events and members have just been there for me in so many ways as I have delved through a big transitional year.

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