The #Student Life: A #tywlife Update

I know you’re all thinking, “she used #hashtags in the title of her her blogpost!” And yes, I did! The reason is because these last 2 weeks have consumed my life with school work and a common theme in all of my tweets have been on the #studentlife. Now that my final Undergraduate marketing report has been *digitally sent in, and all my “homework” is done, I thought I’d finally write up a blog post.

To recap these past 2 weeks (as I pull up my calendar…), it looked something like this (I think I managed to work and play hard? Or Does it really all seem like work with random breaks? Nevertheless, the two must go hand-in-hand):

Week 1

Monday: Submit a 3000 word paper (Leadership Philosophy), 500 course reflection; group proj mtg
Tues – Thurs: Write one paper/day (3 papers x 1000 words: Marketing Sustainability vs. Consumerism; Social Responsibility; Business Education in Schools); Group project mtgs; Presentation Practice
Other Events: Personal mtgs; YEG Free Store event; M-Summit docs; work+teach piano; church; finalize Shad YEG Alum dinner plans+book

Week 2/3

Mon-Tues: Presentations; Group proj mtgs; Group proj papers Due (International Marketing Plan; Market Research Report)
Wed: Last Day of class; submit all papers/assignments due; group proj mtg; Coffee/Lunch/Shopping/Reflective Chat date with @CWolinski
Thurs – onward: group proj mtgs; paper writing+editing+formatting+gathering supplemental docs (Marketing Consulting/Business Strategy for the Students’ Union)
Monday: Client mtg; submit paper; SugarBowl with team; personal time; Shad Valley Alumni Christmas Dinner; SLEEP.
Other events: work+teach piano, church; German breakfast at Barb & Ernie’s; WONG family dinner; M-Summit docs #2

To personally recap… it felt like pure work for 2 weeks straight, yet I saw my ability to set my mind to something and just do it. I pushed myself to get things done and get them done early. Despite not having control over what my group mates did, I focused on my part, then assisted them with theirs. I will dive into my group work reflection later on (notes on my BlackBerry for the time being), but one thing I’ll say is that the ability to work with different personalities and learning how to communicate with them is very important.

Remember: 1) your “team goal” is the same, 2) address the issue not the person, 3) never burn bridges, 4) have as much fun as possible while doing your work, but stay on task, 5) genuinely get to know your teammates.

One highlight to share: I planned my life at 3am on one particular day. My next 3-9 years are outlined on a sticky note! YUP, you heard me. A Sticky Note! 🙂

Good luck to everyone studying for exams. I look forward to connecting with you all very soon! It’s my turn to study for exams!! (I sound irregularly excited for studying.) Please do message me and let’s set up a Skype date or in-person meeting. Take care and Happy Holidays!


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