Keep An Open Mind to Enhance Your Learning

For my Leadership course, the professor asked everyone to give some personal feedback about the course. I thought she presented us with a good question about keeping an open mind, so I wanted to share a three thoughts with you. Hopefully it assists you in your leadership journey as well.

What are the three most important things you should make sure you do to keep an open mind in this class?

Similar to what we learned in class about fairness, I think it is important to not be quick to judge when others are speaking. Oftentimes in a class that has a lot of sharing, it is easy to be opinionated. By not formulating your own ideas immediately and listening attentively to other classmates helps us actually understand the other person’s ideas and helps us keep an open mind.

Another thing would be to do some personal readings on leadership. Reading articles or blogs or even having discussions on leadership topics (outside of the course material) will give us more perspective into the subject. It will also allow us to better formulate our own opinions about leadership and challenge our current level of knowledge.

Lastly, I would suggest going to class with one or two goals each time. It could be as simple as speaking up in class or wanting to learn something new. If we enter class with the intention of learning something new about leadership that day, rather than having to think about how it will relate to our next paper, I believe that we would be able to retain much more and become more engaged in the class, and thus actually learn more.


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