A Summary on Inspiration and Taking Action – Following Live Tweets from #TEDxUW & #DOT11 & #TEDxVan2011

We can’t always be in 3 places at once, but it’s exciting how technology can help us capture these moments and take us there. Crowdsourcing, oui?

Today I will be following #DOT11 (Toronto) and #TEDxUW (Waterloo), and #TEDxVan2011. I’m going to keep notes  on some of the major themes I notice, my favorite quotes throughout the events, and will be adding in my own thoughts. Hopefully it serves as a good summary for you too and feel free to share with others!

This is the first time I will be following 3 events, remotely, so attentively. *Cheers to Twitter and the super connected members in the twittersphere. Thank you for sharing your experience with me (and the world!) This blog is being posted immediately after the 2 events in Ontario and will be updated again when the event in Vancouver ends.

#DOT11 (Design Our Tomorrow)

  • Take Action – look at your daily life and what you love to do. Don’t just interact with it, but make it your own and actively engage in it. ”Should I accept the world, or should i participate in its reshaping?” – Karim Rashid, product design legend.
  • Clear vision and goals – establish this first, then let your passion and drive fuel your motivation until you achieve your goals. (see below – “Perception IS reality”) “When your destination is bold, your journey will be epic” – Greg Kolodziejzyk
  • Barriers & Risks – Know what is stopping you from obtaining your goals. What are your fears? What are some foreseeable risks? Is it just emotional? Eliminate and minimize these. Be open to listing them all.
  • Heighten your awareness – Be conscious of the world around you. Educate yourself and don’t be apathetic. If you want to learn, ask and dig. There will always be someone/something there for you, and your genuine curiosity may even lead you to great (willing) teachers.
  • Do something novel – It need not even be extraordinary. Be unique and different. “The physical world and its design needs to catch up to the virtual world.” Karim Rashid. (His mission: Humanise the physical world to elevate our experience of it, since our taste is moving towards virtual world.)
  • How you use data – today’s generation is creating more data than ever before. How we use this data will determine the direction with which YOU approach the world.
  • “Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting the same results.”
  • If you don’t get smiles from people using your product, you won’t change human behavior because of the product.
  • “Solving the wrong problem”
  • “Figure out how to scratch other people’s itches.” – Craig Shapiro 
  • Perception IS reality – “If you think you can, you can.” Personal confidence is the strongest motivator for oneself. Change the way you think and have a strong support network of friends who will cheer you along the way.
  • Well-rounded learning – Find sources of inspiration and learning outside the classroom. “You should never let a university get in the way of your education” 
  • Goal Setting – spend the time to make SMART Goals. Enough said. By now, we all know that preparation is key, but don’t spend too much time. Set a deadline or a strategic period of time to do this. “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen..” – R. W. Emerson. Also: “The ability to make a firm and resolute decision has the power to change lives because decision leads to results”
  • “Imagineering is letting your imagination soar, and then engineering it down to earth.” — Safwan Choudhury
  • “Drop any fear of looking stupid and take risks!” – Safwan Choudhury
  • “Cultural mosaic metaphor: each individual is like a tile in a mosaic that can maintain it’s own uniqueness” – Dr. Wendi Adair
  • Passion is your greatest love. You don’t say “marry me, you’re interesting!” – Larry Smith
  • “You’re afraid, which is why you won’t have a great career.” – Larry Smith
  • The Power of Youth – the Next Generation is going to move our society. They need to be well-educated and have the proper support/awareness of opportunities to maximize their potential.  “The youth are maximizing technologies that will move us in to activism.” – Dallaire
  • General Romeo Dallaire: “There is no way you can sustain status quo.”
  • The future of humanity is in the NGO Community and the youth will join them. -General Dallaire
  • “Stop giving to Africa and start investing in Africans” – Nolan Watson
  • “Don’t wait for your first million to make a difference in someone’s life. Start today.”
  • This event had many issues with network connections. There were a limited number of tweets that could be captured. I could sense it was an inspirational day for those who attended, as most of the tweets that came through all had to deal with how excited, inspired, and happy the attendees were.
A couple of other thoughts that came to mind as I followed the tweets from today’s events:
  • Needs – The way we meet our needs is changing. Companies, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, etc. are all contributing to this cultural shift. It’s becoming more and more dynamic and events happening globally, contributes to our approach. Find a way to meet these needs differently and better than anyone else. (Address an area that you are passionate about and is of concern to a large target market – sorry, the marketer in me is speaking) “What would make my life better today than yesterday?” – Aza Raskin (@azaaza)
  • Money is not everything
  • Lifestyle is key – If you’re concerned about balancing your life and in the stages of planning the next chapter of your life, do this now: Choose the lifestyle you want that will make you happy!
  • Do not be afraid to challenge the status quo.

I will also be posting my notes from #ConfRMN11 for those who wish to re-live the EPIC day Millennium Network members did last weekend in Montreal. Send me a message if you’re interested.


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