#tywlife Montréal Itinerary – “A Woman on a Mission…”

It’s been 3 years since I’ve returned to Montreal. The last time I was there, I spent almost 2 months in central Canada and began what I’d call “the independent life.” For the first time, I made my own meals, traveled the city on my own, made some of my closest friends, and literally, explored! (Just as the name of the program I was a part of suggests.) Most memorable is the trip I made to La Chine. My BGF’s (Ewald C)quartet, The Roddick String Quartet, was performing, so I hopped into a taxi and made my way there. I had no idea where I was, but it was so much fun! Next, were all the late nights I spent with my Montreal crew. (A shout out to: Osman H, Imad M, Truc N, Yeye L, Curtis P, Ayesha R, Lawrence L, Kevin Y, Alison Y, Christine D, Anthony P)

This group of friends are still very close to me today. In fact, I talked to 7 of them within the last 2 weeks, and Imad was in Montreal this past weekend and sent me an SMS This time, the purpose of my trip is not simply to “attend a conference.” First of all, it will be one of the first-ever Millennium Network Regional Conferences held in Montreal. Secondly, I have spent numerous hours typing on my BlackBerry and emailing myself with notes, ideas, and inspiration on ways to increase our member engagement and improve our marketing strategy. (I even took a social marketing course this semester to gain more insight into marketing for the non-profit sector.) Nevertheless, I have a few goals:

  1. To meet and connect with members of my M-Family (#MNetwork family) in the Montreal area. (Lots of potential teammates!)
  2. To build new relationships with friends (the beginning of lifelong friendships)
  3. To learn and do something new in Montreal – not just eat
  4. MNetwork Engagement – all of it. (M-Strat; Indulging in the M-Life of members)
  5. To indulge in the foods I’ve missed!
  6. To be able to navigate and travel around the city independently
  7. To attend some classes at McGill and check out their business school
  8. To reunite with friends in Montreal (from J’Explore, HK Crew buddy, IMPACT! alum, MacShads) – event here
A huge shout out to: Hana S, Safina A, John H, Arjun G, Annabelle N, Aaron F, Yassir/Ilyesel, and Ewald C.

Below is my draft itinerary for the week:

Thursday – Hello YUL!

  • Class > Airport hopping > Arrive Montreal
  • The MOST EPIC SIGN from Miss Hana S (welcoming me at the airport!!!!)
  • Reunite with Safina ❤
  • Chris K’s Birthday @ Peel Pub

Friday – A scheduled day turned spontaneous day.

  • Special visit.
  • Shopping on St. Catherine
  • Hare Krishna (ventured to Pie-ix station)
  • Viet food
  • Run into Hana!

Saturday – M-Catalyst Conference (“It’s all about M-Lovin'”) * EID!

  • M-Conference – Connecting & Learning like no tomorrow!
  • *special surprise from Ottawa (homemade brownies from Uroos!); 1Litre of special QC made syrup from Annabelle ❤
  • Berri-UQAM Dinner, Chat.
  • *Set M-Hub event during the week

Sunday – TaHana Day

  • YOUths meeting @Concordia
  • Schwartz, Fairmont bagels; Vieux Montreal
  • TaHana Time – sharing day; her fav spots; family.
  • Musical at 8pm at Concordia Theatre (“Leave It On the Floor”)

Monday – A Day with my BGF and then the MNetwork!

  • Tammy Time
  • Reunite with BGF (Best Guy Friend, Ewald.) VIP tour of the life of a Montreal musician!
  • Geistrio rehearsal @Schulich School of Music – Loved the Brahms Trio in B – mvt 2.
  • La Banquise dinner @7pm (Conversations with Montreal’s finest M-boys. haha!)
  • MacShad 007 Google Hang Out (aka. Reunion)
  • Tammy Time

Tuesday – McGill & HK Crew reunion (avec John)

  • Human Sex. Class @830am (Meaghan @Stewart Bio Building)
  • New Music building – saw the Golden Violin in the library!
  • Philosophy of Politics (John)
  • Tammy Time
  • John H & Tammy Wong epicness! (My first NHL game ever – Habs vs. Oilers!!!!!)
  • 1030pm-2am Coffee Date on St. Catherine’s

Wednesday – IMPACT! Reunion & Montreal M-Hub Event

  • Enviro mgmt class @10am (Roshni)
  • Tammy Time
  • 5pm IMPACT! Dinner – Event here (private)
  • 730pm Millennium M-Hub Montreal Event (MNetwork & UNESCO discussions) Event Here (private)

Thursday – Museé des Beaux Arts & MacShad date!

  • Tammy Time
  • Coffee Date avec Yas
  • 6pm: Lecture at Museé des Beaux Arts (#mbamtl) – Event Here
  • 9pm: MacShad evening with Chocolat – Victoria, Safina
  • Pack

Friday – Remembrance Day 11:00am on 11/11/11/ & Departure Date

  • Remembrance Day ceremony @10
  • 1130pm coffee date avec Yasenia
  • 1pm: MNetwork Lunch 
  • Airport
*Note: This itinerary was drafted much earlier before today – with many spontaneous events scheduled in later! For safety purposes, I am posting this closer to the end of my trip. Thanks for understanding! And a HUGE thank you to everyone in Montreal who has been so welcoming and has made my stay so memorable!

Links for myself to refer to: Montreal Buzz: http://www.tourisme-montreal.org/blog/category/what-to-do/ Juliette et Chocolat: http://julietteetchocolat.com/mmm.php << Berri UQAM Musée des beaux arts: http://www.mbam.qc.ca/en/index.html << FREE admission Bach Music Festival Images + Nation Fest: http://www.image-nation.org/2011/index-eng.php International Documentary Festival: http://www.ridm.qc.ca/en


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