Halloween: Does Make-Up Really Make You Look Better?

Waking up to the cheerful spirits of Halloween this morning, I was reminded of a childhood story involving “make-up.” It’s a bit humourous, so stay with me on this!

The big question is: Does make-up really make one look better? Better than natural beauty?

Nowadays, ads go through photoshop, reality is not what you perceive, and really, our definition of beauty has become skewed. When I was younger, I used to help out at a pharmacy. The lady who owned it was a family friend’s daughter, and I saw her as a mentor at the time. I asked her many questions about life, was exposed to the world of academia, and (once) she even brought back some really cool trinkets from Mexico for me when she volunteered there. It was your typical big-sis-little-sis relationship.

I must have been 9 or 10 years old when she invited me to see a movie and have dinner with her and her boyfriend, plus another couple. In my mind, it was extremely exciting. “An outing with big people? Nice! Her boyfriend was an optometrist and I had never met him before. He was big and tall, compared to me, but being the talkative child I was, he wasn’t going to intimidate me.

Before the evening began, I hung out at her place and waited for her to get ready. She was in her room for awhile, so I read a couple of Archie comic books from the library of them I “inherited” from her. When she finally came out, I remember feeling shivers come over me. I did not know what to expect –but clearly, not what I saw. She was wearing make up for the first time and I was not used to it all. I was being very polite and did not want to say anything. I knew that she was the same person, just “different.”

It wasn’t until half way through our scrumptious dinner, that she realized something was wrong. I was not myself. (See the irony in that?) I was oddly quiet for once. She asked me if I was ok and if I wanted to call my mother. Every girl knows it’s impolite to tell someone they look “scary,” but truthfully, I was scared. I politely asked to call my mother and went out to the hallway.

On the telephone, I remember telling my mom how scared I was and that it was hard to look at her. “Her eyes have dark outlining around them. They look like fish eyes. They are huge and I’m scared. It’s hard to talk to her and look at her at the same time. Her friends – they are really nice. The food is yummy and the movie sounds really interesting. She has nice friends…” My mother had to calm me down and explain to me that she was the same person and that she was wearing make-up, and that is what eye liner and mascara is supposed to do. It’s just that sometimes people look different, depending on how they apply it.

And just like that, I was welcomed into a whole new world, where beautify could be altered by the use of tools and techniques. Blasphemy! Almost sounds like an “Eve took a bite out of the apple” moment. (Ok, all kidding aside.)

Nevertheless, the evening ended well. The movie was in the dark and I swallowed hard after my pep talk, and learned to accept and talk more. I was afraid, but I was also there to have a good time. It’s funny how such minor things once seemed like such a big deal when you were younger.

Part of me jumped onto the “make-up” train later than most girls. This might have partially caused it. Heck, I still don’t wear very much make-up. The greatest attribute anyone can have that makes them “beautiful,” in my opinion, is their personality. It’s usually a bad thing if I’m wearing make-up – either I had a late night or I need to look older than I actually am. And why would I do that? I’m proud!

There’s another snippet into the #tywlife. Hope you enjoyed my sharing and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Tonight, I’ll be having another annual “Tammy and the Arab Ladies’ Night.” I can’t wait to indulge in high caloric foods and play with babies!!


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